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  • CAS Undergraduate Advising
    Fax: 202-885-2429
    Battelle Tompkins, Room 168

    Jones, Christina Noami
    Administrative Assistant

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The CAS Academic Advising System

Students entering the College of Arts and Sciences are assigned professional academic counselors based upon their intended majors (see Academic Counseling Team below for complete list). Students who have not indicated a major are assigned counselors based on their last names. Our counselors are available to assist students with any issues related to their academic career at American University. They are also a valuable resource for discovering the many opportunities that AU provides. We recommend you meet with your counselor regularly. Students are required to meet with their counselor at least once per semester to obtain authorization to register for the next term's classes.

In your sophomore or junior year, you should formally declare the majors in which you expect to earn your degrees. (See Declaring majors and minors.) Upon declaring a major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from among the faculty in the major department. Once you have declared your major, you should obtain authorization to register for classes from your faculty advisor. However, our CAS counselors remain available to you at all levels.

Academic Counseling Team

*Please note that starting February 17th, your counselor will change if you are a student in the following departments; anthropology, environmental studies, health promotion, undecided A-C and undecided D-F

  • Marla Boren: Director, Undergraduate Advising, Retention, and Recruitment
  • Emily Jones-Green: Assistant Director, Retention and Recruitment
  • Tyler Atkins-Mose: anthropology, computer science, audio technology, audio production, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, music, musical theater, theater, undecided students I-K, and students preparing for law school
  • Anne Kaiser, Senior Academic Counselor: biology, economics, environmental studies/sciencehealth promotion, and students on AU athletic teams
  • Andrea Malamisura: students majoring or intending to major in psychology and public health, undecided students A-C
  • Alicia Mandac, Senior Academic Counselor: literature, studio art, art history, graphic design, sociology, women's gender, and sexuality studies, and undecided students R-Z
  • Jack Ramsay: history, elementary education, philosophy, religious studies, language and foreign studies, math, statistics, math & econ, American studies, Jewish studies, and undecided students G-H & L-Q
  • Emma Morgan: undecided students D-F
  • Peer Advisors: caspeeradvisors@american.edu

How to Meet with Your CAS Academic Counselor

Appointments: can be made online with our 24-hour Online Appointment Scheduler. Appointments are scheduled to last 30 minutes. Appointments are recommended for:

•Registration planning/ clearance
•Choice of major(s)
•Academic program planning; planning for graduation
•Study abroad, internship, or independent studies
•Taking a leave of absence/ returning after an absence
•Academic success

Walk-ins: Each advisor holds weekly walk-in hours and they are handled on a first come/first served basis. Walk-in advising only focuses on one issue and are limited to 15 minutes. Walk-in advising is appropriate for:

•Emergency affecting academic progress
•Withdrawal from AU
•Late actions concerning registration deadlines
•Signatures on forms
•Registration stops
•Degree audit issues/ graduation clearance
•Sharing positive academic news

Student Confidentiality

Students at American University are protected by the Federal Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), 1974. No information about a student's academic performance will be disclosed to anyone outside of the university without written permission from the student.