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Lavender Languages | 2009 Plenaries

The Cultural Locations of Gender Travel: For a Grammar of Trans Mobility

Aren Z. Aizura (U Melbourne) 

Aren Z. Aizura is completing a doctorate at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His writing can be found in the journal Inter-Asia Cultural Studies and the books Queer Bangkok (Hong Kong University Press, forthcoming 2009); Self-Organizing Men: Masculinities in Time and Space (Homofactus Press) and other publications. His work straddles the intersections between trans/queer theory, postcolonialism, feminist theory and post-autonomist critiques of capital. He is a founding member of the Trans Melbourne Gender Project, an autonomous network of gender variant health workers and activists.


Unearthing Lavender Language:
Prehistory, Pottery, and the "Language" of the Moche Sex Pots

Mary Weismantel (Northwestern U)

Mary Weismantel is Professor of Anthropology at Northwestern University. She has been writing about gender and sexuality in the Andes of South America for twenty years. Her most recent book, Cholas and Pishtacos: Tales of Race and Sex in the Andes,won several prizes. Noteworthy articles include "Moche Sex Pots: Reproduction and Temporality in Ancient South America" American Anthropologist, 2004; and "Making Kin: Kinship Theory and Zumbagua Adoption," American Ethnologist, 1995.