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Lavender Languages | 2012 Special Events

Reporting and Writing Queer Temporalities

Albania, Arkansas, North African Diaspora, Renaissance Harlem, and Deaf Vietnam
Friday, February 10
Butler Board Room, 6th Floor Butler Pavilion

Audrey Cooper (Gallaudet University)
William Leap (American University)
Mindy Michaels (Independent scholar),
Denis Provencher (U Maryland Baltimore County),
Brock Thompson (Independent scholar)  

Voices from a Chorus

Voices from a Chorus

Discussion, musical event and book-signing
Friday, February 10, 5:30
Butler Board Room, 6th Floor Butler Pavilion

Voices from a Chorus describes what the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC (GMCDC), means to its members and explores the power of music has to inform and build acceptance within the gay and straight communities. In this special event, Paula Bresnan Gibson, author of Voices from a Chorus, discusses how she came to write this book, the interview process and what she learned from her conversations with GMCDC members. Her remarks emphasize the challenges that gay men continue to face in society,. and the positive impact that membership in the chorus has had on the lives of the men she interviewed. One of those men will talk about his participation in the interview process and how reading the book has affected him. The special event includes a musical performance by GMCDC member, Tom Nichols (

1 girl, 5 gays and LGBTQ Discourses in School Settings  

Featuring television celebrity and gay activist Philip Tetro
Saturday, February 10
Butler Board Room, 6th Floor Butler Pavilion

Moderator: Vivian Vasquez (School of Education, Teaching and Health, American U)   


A Reading from "The Bar Notebook"  

Featuring feminist scholar and performance artist Bonnie Morris
Saturday, February 10, 5:00
Butler Board Room, 6th Floor Butler Pavilion