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Anthropology | Master's International Program

Degree Requirements 

  • 9 credit hours of core requirements: ANTH-632 Contemporary Theory: Culture, Power, History (or equivalent), ANTH-652 Anthropological Research Design, ANTH-797 003 MA Thesis Seminar (section designated to facilitate the MA/I Candidates write-up of their Peace Corps Academic Project)
  • 15 credit hours of electives, chosen in conversation with advisor 
  • One-semester internship/practical experience
  • 6 credit hours for Peace Corps Service 
  • Oral qualifying exam
  • Approved final report based on the Peace Corps Academic project 



Year One

  • 18 hours of course work (including two basic required courses – 632, 652)
  • Fall semester: complete Peace Corps application
  • Spring semester: complete practical experience related to anticipated Peace Corps placement (e.g. volunteer as teacher aide if educational placement , volunteer in health or economic NGO if community development placement, etc.)
  • Oral Qualifying exam (satisfies MAPA comp requirement)


Year Two and Fall Semester of Year Three

  • Peace Corps Placement, earning 6 credit hours (No tuition payment is required for these 6 hours of credit.) 


Spring Semester of Year Three

  • 6 credit hours of course work, including 797 003 (MA/I thesis seminar)
  • Preparation and submission of final report based on the Peace Corps Academic Project (satisfies the MAPA Thesis/Non-thesis Option (NTO) requirement) 



Student can still complete the public anthropology master's degree at AU if: 

  • the student has not applied or has not yet been accepted into the Peace Corps.
  • the Peace Corps service has to be curtailed due to political or related difficulties within the host country.
  • the student makes a personal decision to leave the Peace Corps service early.
  • the student is terminated from Peace Corps service for medical, legal, or other reasons, if the conditions of termination did not violate the university's Code of Student Conduct.