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Anthropology | Alumni

Selected Graduates, MA Anthropology (since 1999)

Allred, Melanie:
Office of Archaeology, Maryland National Park and Planning
Andrews, Kelly:
High school teacher, North Carolina
Bishop, Treena:
Ecology activist, California
Bjornvold, Ingvild:
Senior Consultant at Social Solutions, Inc, Baltimore
Bower, Leah:
US Government employee, Minneapolis
Clem, Michael:
Thunderbird Research Associates (CRM firm)
Crowl, Heather:
Greenhorn and O’Mara, Inc (CRM firm)
Flattery, Brigid:
US State Dept, DIA
Habafy, Nora:
Consultant, International aid/refugee organization, Morocco
Hitchcock, Candilou:
Technical employee, WESTAT
Hunsaker, Cherry:
Consultant to SmartRevenue (Ethnographer for Market Research)
Kissel, Carrie:
Senior Program Manager, National Association of Development Organizations (Center for Transportation Advancement and Regional Development)
Kowalsky, Jilly:
Instructor, Austin Community College
Lahaie, Jenifer Filteau:
US Department of State; FBI training
McDermott, Altha:
Manager of Leadership and Professional Development, Federal Aviation Administration, and Adjunct Instructor, Cultural Anthropology, SUNY
Michon, Robert:
Consultant, Peace Corps: UN High Commission on Refugees project
Montaperto, Kristin:
Office of Archaeology, Maryland National Park and Planning
Nichols Barrett, Kara:
Director of Applied Research, Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation, Washington, DC
Steinmetz, Emily:
Term faculty, Anthropology, American University
Thakur, Pallavi:
Medical anthropologist, Houston, Texas public hospital
Veraar, Mara:
Senior Coordinator for Online Communications, national nonprofit organization
Walker, Mary:
Program administrator, FEMA
Zaffaroni, Estella:
Translator, US Dept of State

Selected Graduates, PhD Anthropology (since 1997)

Barker, Holly:
Embassy, Marshall Islands; consultant, human ecology projects, Washington
Brown, Audrey:
National Park Service, Ethnographic Research program
Budani, Donna:
Faculty, Dept of Anthropology, University of Delaware
(tenure track appointment)
Clark, Sherri Lawson:
Research Scientist, Duke University
Collins, Samuel:
Faculty, Dept of Anthropology and Sociology, Towson State University, MD
(tenure track appointment)
Fitzpatrick, Bridget:
Visual artist/designer, preparing her dissertation for publication
Gibble, Patricia:
Faculty, Dept of Anthropology, Millersville State University, PA
(tenure track appointment)
Greene, Katrina:
Faculty, School of Intercultural Studies, Biola University, La
Mirada, CA
(tenure track appointment)
Hersker, Alan:
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Potsdam
James-Sebro, Meryl:
Consultant, International Development Programs
Jodry, Margaret:
Paleo-Indian program, Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution
Madrid, Robin:
Consultant, World Bank, Yemen
Packard-Winkler, Mary:
Consultant, AIDS and international development projects;
human rights advocate
Pogue, Dennis:
Director of Archaeology and Restoration, Mount Vernon
Skolnikoff., Jessica:
Faculty, Department of Anthropology/Sociology, Roger Williams University
Stright, Melanie:
Coastal Zone Management office, US Department of the Interior
Thomas, Abby:
CPA, H & R. Block
Williams Paris, Jennell:
Faculty, Dept Anthropology and Sociology, Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota
(tenure track appointment)
Wise, Sheila:
Independent film maker; researcher on staff at DC-area African American research firm