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Anthropology | FAQ

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How do I get my AU ID?

AU IDs are made on the first floor of the Anderson dorms, in the Housing and Dining room. Anderson is located on the South side of campus (toward the library end of the quad) behind McKinley on your right. If you ask the person at the front desk where Housing and Dining is, they can point you in the right direction. They are open every day from 9:00 to 5:00. The ID card is free for new students, but you must be registered for classes to have one made.

How do I register?

Outside of the main Anthro/Socy office in Battelle T-21 there are registration forms on the right side of the sociology mailboxes. You will need the red, white, and blue form called Advisement/Registration Authorization. Fill out your personal information, list the courses you want to take, have it signed by your advisor or Dr. Leap, and take it to the Registrar where they will register you while you wait. If you have already registered and want to add another course, you need the red and white Drop/Add form. Fill out your personal information and list what you either want to drop or add and have it signed. That goes to the Registrar as well. As a courtesy to the front office, please retain a copy of these forms and give them to the administrative asssitant at the front desk. That way, in case there is a problem, there is always a record that the paperwork was completed.

Where is the Registrar’s office?

The Office of the Registrar is located in the Asbury building on the first floor. From Battelle, if you go out the back door and through the underpass past McDonalds, Asbury will be the first building on the right behind the trees and bushes. You’ll see the big blue sign on the side of the building. Student Accounts is also in there on the top floor.