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Art History | Master's Program

Degree Requirements

  • 30-36 credit hours of approved graduate work. For the 30-credit hour program, students take 10 courses that focus on discipline oriented, research-based academic offerings, including the option of a three credit internship. The 36-credit hour program with a museum studies specialization requires two additional approved courses in museum studies, arts administration, conservation, or related fields. Both programs provide excellent grounding in art historical methods, analytical skills, and research practices with conventional period specializations in European and American art from early Renaissance through contemporary, plus a range of non-Western topics.
  • Tool of research: intermediate-level French, German, or Italian must be demonstrated after 18 credit hours in the MA program through one of the following: four semesters of language course work, a written examination offered by the Department of World Languages and Culture, or satisfactory completion of an approved graduate-level intensive reading course.
  • One written comprehensive examination demonstrating knowledge of the candidate's major field (Renaissance/Baroque, American/Contemporary, or Asian art). Exams are given twice a year, in January and May.
  • Advancement to candidacy after completion of 18 credit hours with a grade point average of 3.00 or higher (on a 4.00 scale) and satisfactory completion of the comprehensive examination.
  • Master's thesis on approved research topic in student's area of specialization, developed under the supervision of faculty member in that area with second committee member from art history faculty and optional third committee member from related area outside the Art History Program.

Course Requirements

  • ARTH-500 Approaches to Art History (3)¬†
  • ARTH-792 Master's Thesis Research Seminar (3)
  • ARTH-797 Master's Thesis Research (3)
  • 9 credit hours in the field of specialization¬†
  • 12 credit hours in additional approved courses
  • For museum studies specialization: 6 credit hours of approved course work or internship


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