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The Alienation of the Student: Disempowerment in Modern Education

, The Gianni Lounge (Mary Graydon Conference Room 200)

Updated 7/17/14

Students have been alienated from meaningful decision making within the university. We have no real voice in university governance and no control over any decision or policies. There was no democratic input on recent campus expansion plans, student debt increases, etc. The most democratic student initiative of recent years, Fossil Free AU, has met with strong resistance from the University Administration despite near-unanimous student consensus on the proposal. Students have been raising sexual assault as an issue at AU for years and it was not until the recent EI scandal hit national headlines that the university took any decisive action.

Join CASJ for a discussion on the representation (and relative lack thereof) of student voices in the University Administration.
Panel Discussion
*Community Action and Social Justice Coalition
Sean Reilly Wood

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