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A Superficial Sacrament: Victoria Greising, Camden Place, Dan Perkins

, Katzen Rotunda Gallery Exhibition

Updated 2/21/14

Victoria Greising CAS/MFA '11, Camden Place CAS/MFA '12 and Dan Perkins CAS/MFA '13 exhibit 'A Superficial Sacrament' in the Rotunda Gallery.

A Superficial Sacrament bridges gaps between historical concepts and contemporary culture. By focusing on landscape, religion, and architecture, Perkins, Place, and Greising endeavor to examine our relationship to accepted and familiar ideas of devotion, belief, and reverence. Each artist pursues this through disparate media and influences though they are pushed by similar fascinations. By inserting representations of these ideas into new and varied contexts, these artists seek to confound, challenge, and hopefully push the viewer towards novel realizations about the experience of contemporary life and its relationship to various structures of meaning. Ultimately, taking the familiar and ordinary and producing experiences of the uncanny, peculiar, and revelatory.

As part of the 2014 MFA Alumni Exhibitions, with:

Bradley Chriss: INTA EHT FUUTER

Ryan Johnson and Samuel Scharf: Kill or Be Killed

Dan Perkins
Eternal Glow
oil on canvas
42" x 40"
Katzen Arts Center
Art Department
Jason Lurie

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