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Winter 2013 Exhibitions: Andrei Molodkin: CRUDE

, Katzen Museum 2nd Floor Exhibition

Updated 1/25/13

Andrei Molodkin: CRUDE
January 26 through March 17, 2013
Andrei Molodkin is an internationally recognized contemporary Russian artist engaged in deconstructing the economic realities of geopolitical praxis. Consisting of his monumental ballpoint-pen drawings and his three-dimensional constructions filled with crude oil, Molodkin's exhibition "CRUDE" effectively articulates the space between people's peaceful, democratic aspirations and the unending conflicts perpetuated by oil-politics. "CRUDE" is a laboratory environment that radicalizes the dynamic between the artwork and the viewer.

Admission is free.

Image: Andrei Molodkin, LIBERTY (HEAD), 2011. Acrylic block and plastic hoses filled with crude oil, pump, compressor, accompanying video projection. 1 acrylic block: 19.25 x 14 x 22 in.
American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center
American University Museum

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