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Biology | Alum Projects & Profiles


Name: Emily Broderick
Undergraduate Institution: University of the Virgin Islands, BS Marine Biology
Degree: MS Biology
Advisor: Dr. Kim
Research Project: Investigated the relationship between the surface microbial communities on the Caribbean sea fan coral Gorgonia ventalina and overall coral health. Used a molecular technique called denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis to determine shifts in microbial diversity on the surface of diseased and healthy corals in response to environmental stress.


Name: Cara Crawford
Undergraduate Institution: Michigan State University, BA Psychology
Degree: MS Biology
Advisor: Dr. Schaeff
Research Project: Studied developmental stress in bottlenose dolphins via a technique called fluctuating asymmetry.


Name: Erika Trovato
Undergraduate Institution: Catholic University of America, BS Biology
Degree: MS Biology
Advisor: Dr. Decicco-Skinner
Research Project: Conducted research at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, testing the hypothesis that removal of the MAP3K8 gene activates compensatory mechanisms/pathways that induce inflammation, leading to tumorigenesis. Utilized techniques such as confocal microscopy, angiogenic arrays, inhibition assays, immunohistochemistry, and Western Analysis in order to effectively utilize transgenic mouse models.


Name: Caroline Fortunato
Undergraduate Institution: American University, BA Environmental Science
Degree: MS Biology
Advisor: Dr. Bushaw-Newton
Research Project: My project focused on the micobial diversity of a freshwater estuary. Critical to the functioning of an estuary is the composition of the microbial community. Using chemical and molecular analyses I am assessed the temporal and spatial changes in microbial community diversity and nutrient concentrations of Jug Bay, a estuary of the Patuxent River, MD. This research allows for a greater understanding of the biogeochemical processes occurring within Jug Bay.


Andrew Herzek is now a medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Abbe Labella is a PhD student in the Marine Sciences Program at Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment.

Ashley Johnson is teaching middle school science at Ideal Academy Public Charter School in DC.

Sean Burn is attending medical school at the University of Connecticut.

Lindsey Nugent is doing research in the National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health.

Andrew Frank is Teaching for America in Connecticut.

Mobula Oyefule is at Vanderbilt Medical School.

Anne Van Erp is starting medical school in the Netherlands.

Erica Ford is attending Howard University Dental School.

Clint Rice is starting a PhD program in Biology at the University of Iowa.

Sean Flynn has an IRTA assistantship to do research at the National Institutes of Healt.

Biology alumna Erika Trovato
Alumna Erika Trovato