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Chemistry | Faculty Research Interests

Stefano Costanzi

Biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular pharmacology research, mainly conducted through computational techniques. A major area of interest relates to the study of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), the single family of drug targets most exploited by currently marketed medicines.


Douglas Fox

Sustainable flame retardants; polymer nanocomposites; physicochemical properties of green solvents; thermodynamics and kinetics of metathesis reactions. 

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James Girard

Analytical chemistry.


Matthew Hartings

Medical use of metals. 

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Monika Konklieva

Delaying of microbial resistance.


Abigail Miller

Analytical chemistry, specifically single-molecule based quantitative bioassays. Using this technique, Miller is able measure chemical reactions, the amount of product and reactants, between target molecules (proteins) and probe molecules (antibodies, aptamers).