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AU Climate Action

Diane Burko, “Petermann Heading South (after NASA 2010-2011),” (detail) 2012. Oil on canvas, 88 x 50.

In summer 2021, American University will launch a year-long program focused on climate change. #AUClimateaction will bring together the arts, sciences, and policy communities for exhibitions, events, and workshops designed to spark dialogue, education, and movement-building. Programming is being designed with two goals in mind:

  1. #AUClimateaction will offer new insights by bringing together a range of ways to understand and connect with climate change and its impacts. We will learn from the interplay among scientific insight, artistic imagining, political struggle, and public searching. 
  2. #AUClimateaction will reveal perspectives that are too often rendered unseen by traditional climate change explorations. We will foreground and privilege the voices of a diverse collection of artists, activists, scientists, and community leaders to forge new connections and foster new understandings.