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Critical Race, Gender & Culture Studies Collaborative (CRGC)


The Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies Collaborative (CRGC) is a vibrant and inclusive community of faculty and students that explores diverse voices, histories, and experiences through socially engaged scholarship.

The collaborative houses six interdisciplinary programs that offer bachelor's degrees, minors, and certificates:

African American and African Diaspora Studies
(major, minor)
American Studies
(major, minor)
Arab World Studies
(major, minor, undergraduate certificate)
Asian Studies
(major, minor, undergraduate certificate, graduate certificate)
Multi-Ethnic Studies
(minor, undergraduate certificate)
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
(major, minor, undergraduate certificates, graduate certificate)

Our courses discuss race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, culture, religion, and more from a critical perspective. We encourage our students to research complex problems and explore interdisciplinary interests.

Collaborative faculty members are distinguished teachers and researchers from a number of departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, and from other schools at the university. Our professors work closely with DC community leaders and institutions to bring real-world learning experiences into the classroom. Many of our students complement coursework with internship and employment opportunities in DC's political, social, and cultural institutions, and some students study abroad to gain an international perspective on their areas of interest.

Our flexible curriculum teaches students to become critical thinkers, innovative researchers, and skilled communicators. Our alumni enter the workforce with a social awareness that serves them well in the increasingly diversified workplaces of our globalized economy. In gaining a deeper understanding of their world and themselves, our students are prepared for a wide range of careers in communications, education, the arts, the non-profit sector, and government and public policy agencies.

Events at AU

April 24
African-American/African Diaspora Studies Club Interest Meeting
Register on the CRGC Facebook Event Page.

Are you looking for a home to explore African American & African culture, arts, history, language, social issues, and more? Perhaps you would just like to read and discuss exciting new work in the field? Maybe you just went aborad and completed a really cool project and would like to present your research? 

Whatever your interest is, the African-American/African Diaspora Studies Club is for you! We are a group of engaged student scholars, artists, and activists who meet informally to address specific topics in the field of African Diasporic studies.

We will gather to discuss books, films, music, popular culture, events etc. We will host scholars, artists, and other people in the field to discuss their work. We will take trips and tour significant sites as a group. Ultimately, my dream is for the group to host a student conference where all African-American/African Studies students from local universities can attend.

If this in any way interests you, please attend our interest meeting on Wednesday April 24 at 6pm in the Upstairs Lounge area in Katzen Hall. All are welcome! 

If you have any questions please contact prof. Sybil R. Williams at:

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