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Palin Brick Breaker

This is one version the classic Brick Breaker game that takes a satiric view of Sarah Palin's presidential ambitions.

Course: CSC 280, Programming 1

Created by: Meredith Myers





8085 Synthesizer

Play the Super Mario Brother's theme song using an 8085 processor, 2716EPROM (erasable ROM), and a few additional components. Converts from a digital signal to analog audio.

Students: Josh Reese and Michael Repas

Course: CSC-330, Organization of Computer Systems 

Created by: Josh Reese




Parser for Web Database

This project searched a database containing records stored throughout Europe. These records pertain to books published roughly between the years 1400 and 1600. Bibliographic data from over 2000 cities was parsed and exported for use in standard statistical analysis software. This work was done for Professor Jeremiah Dittmar from the American University Economics department for use in his research.

The project was written solely in Python using the ClientForm module to parse web pages and activate form components.

Created for: Economics Department, Prof. Dittmar

Created by: Josh Reese



Contrast Killers

A two-player game. Hide amongst same colored blocks to sneak up on your opponent.

Created for: The Indie Game (TIG) Source Versus Competition

Created by: Bo Banducci




Texas Hold'Em

Texas Hold'Em implemented as a Java application.

Created for: CSC 493 - Capstone

Created by: Tai Vu


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