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Undergraduate Honors and Awards

Honors in Economics Program

Program Director: Paul Sullivan,

Students seeking admission to the Honors in Economics program must

The written proposal should list all ECON-XXX courses completed with individual grades, include a calculated major GPA, describe the student’s professional/graduate school aspirations and how the Honors in Economics program helps them achieve these goals, and identify a faculty mentor.

Honors Supplements (6 credit hours)

Complete 6 credit hours from the following, with honors supplements: 

Internship (3 credit hours)

Complete 3 credit hours from the following, or approved upper-level ECON coursework with honors supplement:

2019 Award winners from left to right: Austin Jang, Hanqing Ye, Stephan Lefebvre, Tejesh Pradhan, Dingqian Liu, Catherine Hensley

Undergraduate Awards

Robert T. Adams Scholarship

The Robert T. Adams Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student, with exhibited financial need, who is majoring in economics. Due consideration will be given to any African American student meeting the criteria.

2023 Winner: Mikala Drake

Caroline and Rick Barnett Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student studying economics.

2023 Winners: John Whitcomb

Ruth Dewey Meade Prize

This prize is awarded to an undergraduate student demonstrating an exceptional research project.

2023 Winners: Erin Endres and Emma Nibarger

Merit Awards

For undergraduate merit awards, please see the financial aid webpage.