Adjunct Faculty

Robert Berman Adjunct Instructor CAS - Economics

Adjunct at AU and founding principal of Berman Economics, an economics consulting firm specializing in resource economics and financial, economic and market analyses; developing market-based solutions

  (202) 885-3770

Michael Palmedo Adjunct Instructor WCL - Info Justice/Intel Prop

Michael Palmedo studies the effects of changing to intellectual property laws on consumers and firms, as well as the impact of intellectual property rules in trade agreements. He manages interdiscipli

  (202) 274-4442

Shirin Sabetghadam Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

My fields of interest are Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics and Public Policy.

Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Affiliated with Our Info-Metrics Summer Program

John Geweke, University of Iowa,
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William Greene, New York University,
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Alastair Hall, University of Manchester & North Carolina State,
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John Rust, University of Maryland,
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Eric Zivot, University of Washington,
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