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Info-Metrics Institute | Workshop Proceedings, April 2013

Proceedings: Philosophy of Information


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Welcoming Remarks

Peter Starr, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, American University


Conference Opener/Objectives

Amos Golan (American U.)

Session I

Chair: Robin Lumsdaine (American U.)

“The Dark Side of Big Data”

James Moor (Dartmouth)

Session II 

Chair: Radu Balan (UMD College Park)

 “Synthetic Non-Accruable Information” presentation

Luciano Floridi (Hertfordshire and Oxford)

Session III

Chair: Teddy Seidenfeld (Carnegie Mellon)

 “Contradictory Information Can Be Valuable: The Example of the Two Firemen” presentation

J. Michael Dunn (Indiana U. Bloomington)

Session IV

Chair: Duncan Foley (New School for Social Research and Santa Fe Inst.)

“Does information have an intrinsic value?” presentation

Pieter Adriaans (U. Amsterdam)

“Belief and Desire: On Information and its Value” presentation

Ariel Caticha (SUNY Albany)

Session V    

Chair: Nathan Harshman (American U.)

“Notes on ensembles as a model of theory choice” presentation

Duncan Foley (New School for Social Research and Santa Fe Inst.)

Session VI  

Chair: Nicholas Kiefer (Cornell U.) 

“Schools of Thought in Visualization”

Min Chen (Oxford)

“Is Ignorance Bliss with Sets of Probabilities?” presentation

Teddy Seidenfeld (Carnegie Mellon)

Round Table – Info-Metrics: Philosophy of Information

Moderator: Luciano Floridi (Hertfordshire and Oxford)

Pieter Adriaans (U. Amsterdam)
Nicholas Kiefer (Cornell U.)  
Robin Lumsdaine (American U.)
Werner Ploberger (Washington U. St. Louis)