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Info-Metrics Institute | Workshop:  November 2012

Info-Metrics and Nonparametric Inference

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November 2012 Workshop Proceedings

Review November 2012 Workshop Proceedings, including the presenters' materials.

Conference Objectives

The one day conference is organized jointly by the Info-Metrics Institute, American University and the Department of Economics of University of California, Riverside.

Interest in nonparametric estimation and inference goes back half a century but has rapidly increased recently (especially with recent advances in computing power) with many new directions of research that cover a vast range of applications in different disciplines. Ongoing research on information-theoretic estimation and inference methods is similarly inter-disciplinary, involving information theory, engineering, mathematical statistics, econometrics and the natural sciences.

This one day conference will explore recent advances in the area of nonparametric estimation and inference and in info-metrics, which may help current and future research combining nonparametric procedures with information-theoretic methods.

The conference organizers encourage submissions of papers on any topic within this overall theme with a particular emphasis on the list below. 


Conference Topics

Nonparametric procedures and info-metrics methods
Nonparametric and Information-Theoretic Estimation and Inference Methods
Density and Regression Estimation (Nonparametric and Information Methods)
Kernel estimation and info-metrics
Mixed data estimation
Quantile estimation
Nonparametric and Information time series analysis
Nonparametric and Information based panel data models


Program Committee

Amos Golan (Info-Metrics, American U) - Co-Chair
Aman Ullah (UC Riverside and Info-Metrics) - Co-Chair
Robin Lumsdaine (Info-Metrics, American U) - Co-Chair
Tae Hwy Lee (UC Riverside) - Co-Chair
Jeff Racine (McMaster University)
Nick Kiefer (Cornell)


Confirmed Speakers

John Fisher (MIT) web page
Nicholas (Nick) Kiefer web page
Essie Maasoumi (Emory) web page
Rosa L. Matzkin (UCLA) web page
Whitney Newey (MIT) web page
Jeffrey Racine (McMaster) web page
Eric Renault (Brown) web page
Peter Robinson (London School of Economics) web page

November 17, 2012
University of California—Riverside
(Mission Hill Hotel Riverside)

US Comptroller of the Currency
UC Riverside, Department of Economics