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Info-Metrics Institute | Workshop, Spring 2012

Information and Econometrics of Networks

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March 2012 Workshop Proceedings

Review March 2012 Workshop Proceedings, including the presenters' materials.


Workshop Objectives

The two-day conference is supported by the Journal of Applied Econometrics and will be organized jointly by Professors Amos Golan of American University and Essie Maasoumi of Emory University. Social and economic networks are everywhere: from Facebook to the more complex global financial network or to networks connecting economic agents or to other complex and dynamic economic networks. The study of these networks is crucial for both academics and policy makers and presents a host of new theoretical and econometric challenges. This conference will concentrate on studying the information and econometrics of networks. The conference organizers encourage submissions of papers on any topic within this overall theme with a particular emphasis on the list below.


Workshop Topics

Info-Metrics and Networks
Spatial Econometrics
Information in Networks
Factor Dependence
Empirical Analysis of Social and Economic/Financial Networks
Financial Networks and Risk
Complex Networks


Program Committee

Anil Bera (U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Amos Golan
(American U.), Co-Chair
Robin Lumsdaine (American U.)
Esfandiar (Essie) Maasoumi (Emory), Co-Chair
Michael J. Stutzer (U. Colorado-Boulder)


Confirmed Speakers

Marco Avellaneda (NYU)
Larry Blume (Cornell)
Ethan Cohen-Cole (U. Maryland)
Rama Cont (Columbia)
Steven N. Durlauf (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
Craig Friedman (S&P)
Michael Gordy (Federal Reserve Board)
Jiawei Han (U. Illinois at Urban-Champaign)
Peter Robinson (London School of Economics)
Dan Rockmore (Dartmouth)
Michael J. Stutzer (U. Colorado-Boulder)
David Wolpert (NASA)