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Recent Publications

2019 Publications

Stinebrickner, Ralph, Todd Stinebrickner, and Paul Sullivan (2019) . "Job Tasks, Time Allocation, and Wages," Journal of Labor Economics, 37(2).

Meurs, Mieke and Rita Ismaylov (2019). Improving Assessments of Gender Bargaining Power: A Case Study from BangladeshFeminist Economics 25(1).

Yesuf, Mahmud and Randall Bluffstone (2019). Consumption Discount Rates, Risk Aversion and Wealth in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural EthiopiaJournal of African Economies, Volume 28, Issue 1.

2018 Publications

Leight J, Sharma V, Brown W, Costica L, Abdulaziz Sule F, Bjorkman Nyqvist M (2018). Associations between birth kit use and maternal and neonatal health outcomes in rural Jigawa state, Nigeria: A secondary analysis of data from a cluster randomized controlled trialPLoS ONE 13(12): e0208885.

Ozturk, E. and X.S. Sheng (2018). Measuring Global and Country-specific UncertaintyJournal of International Money and Finance, vol. 88, pp. 276-295.

Golan, A. “Info-Metrics for Modeling and Inference,” Minds & Machines (2018) 28: 787.

Isaac, Alan (2018)“Exploring the Social-Architecture Model”, Eastern Economic Journal.

Feinberg, Robert and Daniel Kuehn (2018). “Guaranteed Non-Labor Income and Labor Supply: The Effect of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend,”, BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 18, No. 3.

Feinberg, Robert and Kara Reynolds (2018) “How Do Countries Respond to Antidumping Filings? Dispute Settlement and Retaliatory Antidumping,” The World Economy, Vol. 41, No. 5.

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Erin E. George and Julie Lyn Routzahn), "Debt Tolerance, Gender, and the Great Recession," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2018.

Boris Gershman (with Diego Rivera), "Subnational diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights from a new dataset," Journal of Development Economics, 2018.

Paul Sullivan (with Kamila Sommer), "Implications of US Tax Policy for House Prices, Rents, and Homeownership," American Economic Review, February 2018.

Natalia Radchenko (with Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Bernard Salanie), "Divorce and the duality of marital payoff" . Review of Economics of the Household.

2017 Publications

Natalia Radchenko (with Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Bernard Salanie), "Divorce and the duality of marital payoff," Review of Economics of the Household.

Natalia Radchenko (with Paul Corral and Paul Winters), "Heterogeneity of commercialization gains in the rural economy," Agricultural Economics.

Natalia Radchenko, "Informal Employment in Developing Economies: Multiple Heterogeneity," Journal of Development Studies, 2017, 495-513.

Natalia Radchenko (with Paul Corral), "What's So Spatial about Diversification in Nigeria?" World Development, 2017, 231-253.

Natalia Radchenko (with Paul Corral), "Agricultural Commercialisation and Food Cecurity in Rural Economies: Malawian experience," Journal of Development Studies

Bernhard Gunter (with Faisal Ahmed, A.F.M. Ataur Rahman, and Jesmin Rahman), "Do Patterns of Development and Macroeconomic Uncertainty Explain Bangladesh's Savings and Investment Puzzle?" Money and Macroeconomics: Selected Topics from Bangladesh, 2017.

Bernhard Gunter (with A.F.M. Ataur Rahman), "Relationship Between Money Growth and Stock Prices in Bangladesh" Money and Macroeconomics: Selected Topics from Bangladesh, 2017.

Boris Gershman, "Long-Run Development and the New Cultural Economics." Demographic Change and Long-Run Development, 2017.

Gabriel P. Mathy, "Hysteresis and Persistent Long-term Unemployment: The American Beveridge Curve of the Great Depression and World War II." Cliometrica, 2017.

Gabriel P. Mathy (with Matthew Jaremski), "Looking Back on the Age of Checking in America, 1800-1960." Revista de la Historia de la Economia y de la Empresa, 2017.

Michael E. Martell and Mary Eschelbach Hansen, "Self-Identity and the Lesbian Earnings Differential in the U.S.," Review of Social Economy 75, June 2017.

Nicholas Kahn, Josh Gupta-Kagan, and Mary Eschelbach Hansen "The Standard of Proof in the Substantiation of Child Abuse and Neglect," Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 14, June 2017.

Nicholas E. Kahn and Mary Eschelbach, "Measuring Racial Disparities in Foster Care Placement: A Case Study of Texas," Children and Youth Services Review 76, May 2017.

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Nicholas L. Ziebarth), " Credit Relationships and Business Bankruptcy During the Great Depression," AEJ: Macroeconomics 9 2, April 2017.

Gabriel Mathy (with Nicolas L. Ziebarth), " How Much Does Political Uncertainty Matter? The Case of Louisiana Under Huey Long," The Journal of Economic History, March 2017.

Boris Gershman (with Quamrul Ashraf and Peter Howitt), " Banks, market Organization, and Macroeconomic Performance: An Agent-Based Computational Analysis," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, March 2017.


2016 Publications

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Michelle McKinnon Miller), " A New View of Women in Bankruptcy: Evidence from Maryland Since 1940," American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 34, November 2016.

Robert A. Blecker, "The Debate over 'Thirwall's Law': Balance-of-Payments-Constrained Growth Reconsidered," European Journal of Economics and Economic Policy: Intervention, vol. 13, no. 3(2016), forthcoming.

Robert A. Blecker, "Wage-led Versus Profit-led Demand Regimes: The Long and the Short of It," Review of Keynesian Economics, vol. 4, no. 4 (Winter 2016), pp. 373-390.

Robert A. Blecker, " The US Economy Since the Crisis: Slow Recovery and Secular Stagnation," European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention, vol. 13, no. 2(2016), pp.202-214

Robert A. Blecker, " Finance, Distribution, and the Role of Government: Heterodox Perspectives for Understanding the Crisis," Studies in Political Economy, vol. 97, no. 1(2016), 76-86.

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Nicholas L. Ziebarth), "Credit Relationships and Business Bankruptcy During the Great Depression", AEJ: Macroeconomics, forthcoming.

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Michael E. Martell), " Self-Identity and the Lesbian Earnings Differential in the U.S.", Review of Social Economy, forthcoming.

Bernhard Gunter, " Revisiting Debt Sustainability in Africa", Background Paper for UNCTAD's 2016 Economic Development in Africa Report: " Debt Dynamics and Development Finance in Africa", August 2016.

Gabriel Mathy (with Nicolas L. Ziebarth of the University of Iowa), "How Much does Political Uncertainty Matter? The Case of Louisiana Under Huey Long," Journal of Economic History, forthcoming 2017.

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Nicholas Kahn and Josh Gupta-Kagan), " The Standard of Proof in the Substantiation of Child Abuse and Neglect," Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, forthcoming 2016.

Larry Sawers (with Eileen Stillwaggon, Jonathan Rout MD, David Addiss MD, and LeAnne Fox MD), " Economic Costs and Benefits of a Community-based Lymphedema-management Program for Lymphatic Filariasis in Odisha State, India," American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, forthcoming 2016.

Gabriel Mathy, " Stock Volatility, Return Jumps, and Uncertainty Shocks During The Great Depression," Financial History Review, July 2016.

Mary E. Hansen (with Bradley A. Hansen), " The Historian's Craft and Economics," Journal of Institutional Economics, June 2016.

Boris Gershman, " Witchcraft Beliefs and the Erosion of Social Capital: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa and Beyond," Journal of Development Economics, May 2016.

Daniel Kuehn (PhD Student), " Home Production, House Values, and the Great Recession," Journal of Family and Economic Issues, March 2016.

2015 Publications

Mary Hansen, " Sources of Credit and the Extent of the Credit Market: A View from Bankruptcy Records, Mississippi 1929-1936," in Enterprising America, William Collins and Robert Margo, eds. NBER/University of Chicago Press, 2015.

Mahmud Yesuf (with Randall Bluffstone, Takuro Uehara, Bilisuma Bushie, and Demessie Damite), " Livestock and Private Tree Holdings in Rural Ethiopia: The Effects of Collective Action Institutions, Tenure Security and Market Access," Journal of Development Studies, December 2015.

Mahmud Yesuf and Robert M. Feinberg, " Ambiguity Aversion among Student Subjects: The Role of Probability Interval and Emotional Parameters," Applied Economics Letters, August 2015.

Ralph Sonenshine and Evan Kraft, "Determinants of Financial Service Mergers: An Analysis of Economic and Institutional Factors," Review of Economics and Finance, forthcoming August 2015.

Kara M. Reynolds (with Chad P. Bown), " Trade Flows and Trade Disputes," Review of International Organizations, June 2015.

Robert Lerman (with Volker Rein), " Building a Robust U.S. Work-Based Education and Apprenticeship System at Scale: Can Lessons from Europe Help?" American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, May 2015.

Larry Sawers (with Eileen Stillwaggon), " Rush to Judgment: the STI-Treatment Trials and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa," Journal of the International Aids Society, May 2015.

Robert Lerman (with Arnold Packer), " Youth Apprenticeships: A Hopeful Approach for Improving Outcomes for Baltimore Youth," The Abell Foundation, April 2015.

Xuguang (Simon) Sheng (with Frieder Mokinski and Jingyun Yang), " Measuring Disagreement in Qualitative Expectations," Journal of Forecasting, March 2015.

Xuguang (Simon) Sheng, " Evaluating the Economic Forecasts of FOMC Members," International Journal of Forecasting, January-March 2015.

Robert Feinberg (with Thomas Husted and Florian Szucs), " Does State Antitrust Enforcement Drive Establishment Exit?" Journal of Competition Law & Economics, March 2015.

Robert Feinberg (with PhD Student Daniel Kuehn, Signe-Mary McKernan, Doug Wissoker, and Sisi Zhang), " Explaining Variation in Title Charges: A Study of Five Metropolitan Residential Real Estate Markets," Review of Industrial Organization, March 2015.

Robert Blecker (with Carlos A. Ibarra), " Structural Change, the Real Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments in Mexico, 1960-2012," Cambridge Journal of Economics, February 2015.

Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou, " Socioeconomic Justice and Poverty in Nahj Al-Balagha," International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 2015.

Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou, "Islamic Finance, Financial Inclusion and Poverty Reduction in MENA" in The Routledge Handbook of Religions and Global Development , 2015.

Boris Gershman, " The Economic Origins of the Evil Eye Belief" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, February 2015.

Robert Feinberg, "' Exports-at-Risk:' The Effect of Multi-Market Contact in International Trade," Southern Economic Journal, January 2015.

Robert Feinberg, " Pricing of First-Run Movies in Small U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Multimarket Contact and Chain Effects," B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Topics), January 2015

2014 Publications

Gabriel Mathy, " Review of Fortune Tellers: The Story of America's First Economic Forecasters by Walter A. Friedman, 2013" Journal of Economic History, December 2014.

Boris Gershman, " The Two Sides of Envy" Journal of Economic Growth, December 2014.

Mary E. Hansen (with AU Alum Ashley Provencher and Josh Gupta-Kagan), " The Standard of Proof at Adjudication of Abuse or Neglect: Its Influence on Case Outcomes at Key Junctures," Social Work and Social Sciences Review, October 2014.

Jon D. Wisman (with AU Alum Aaron Pacitti), " Ending the Crisis with Guaranteed Employment and Retraining," Journal of Economic Issues, September 2014.

Jon D. Wisman, " The Financial Crisis of 1929 Reexamined: The Role of Soaring Inequality," Review of Political Economy, Summer 2014.

Thomas Husted (with Lawrence Kenny), " The Political Economy of Education Finance: The Case of Texas," Journal of Education Finance, Summer 2014.

Robert Lerman, " Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities in the United States," The Hamilton Project, June 2014.

Mary E. Hansen (with Bradley Hansen), " The Evolution of Garnishment and Wage Assignment Law in Illinois, 1880-1930." Essays in Economic & Business History, May 2014.

Martha A. Starr, " Gender, added-worker effects, and the 2007-2009 recession: Looking within the household," Review of Economics of the Household, June 2014.

Martha A. Starr, " Qualitative and mixed-methods research in economics: Surprising growth, promising future," Journal of Economic Surveys, April 2014.

AU Economists in the News

Ralph Sonenshine in WalletHub (02/25/2019) "2019’s Hardest-Working Cities in America"

Mary Hansen in The Washington Post
(03/08/2018) "Leadership at Fed's regional banks is getting more diverse. But there's still work to do, report argues."

Boris Gershman in Bild
(12/26/2017) "Hexenjagd im 21. Jahrhundert"

Huffington Post (1/4/17), "Exploding Inequality is Killing Democracy"

The Hill (12/27/16), "Trump Boosted Christmas Spending? Doubtful"

The Hill (12/15/16), "After Liftoff Trump-fed Clash Could Be In The Offing in 2017"

Huffington Post (7/25/16), "Can Trump only Be Stopped By Sanders?"

AEHN (4/21/16), "Witchcraft Beliefs and Erosion of Social Capital"

Live Science (5/12/16), "Why Belief in Witchcraft Can Do Harm"

International Business Times (5/10/16), "Witchcraft Belief Creates Antisocial Cultures That Are Bad For Business"

The Independent (5/10/16), "Believing in Witchcraft Can Slow Economic Progress, Researcher Discovers"

RCN Radio (06/21/16), "Es la Creencia en la Brujeria Factor Desarrollo Economico?"


Huffington Post (11/10/15), "What to Make of Bernie Sanders' Democratic Socialism?"

Quartz (9/3/15), " The Hidden Economic Lessons of the Evil Eye"

The New York Times (7/13/15), " Starbucks and Other Corporations to Announce Plan to Curb Unemployment of Young People"

The National Journal (6/20/15)," Teach Vets to Rehab Homes"

Correio Braziliense (6/14/15), " E assim nasceu o mau-olhado" (in Portuguese)

The Peninsula (3/19/15), " Only Half of World's Adults Have Bank Accounts, Region Better"

The Los Angeles Times (1/15/15), " Obama Pushes Paid Sick/Family Leave for Workers"

The Boston Globe (1/4/15), " The Case for the Evil Eye"


CNN (11/4/14), " Is Child Poverty Inevitable?"

The National Journal (10/17/14), " What Would an Ebola Travel Ban Actually Look Like?"

The Baltimore Sun (10/3/14), " Trade Deals Worsen Immigration Pressures"

The Huffington Post (9/24/14), " Exploding Inequality is Threatening Our Democracy"

The Wall Street Journal (9/12/14), " Skills Gap Bumps Up Against Vocational Taboo"

Fortune (9/4/14), " Fast-Food Worker Strikes: After Two Years, is There Anything to Show?"