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Research Seminar Series Wednesdays, Noon-1:15 PM

All events in Kreeger 100, unless noted.

Email to be added to the seminar list for Zoom event links and further information .

January 24, Mayra Pineda-Torres (Georgia Tech) 

January 31, Chloe East (University of Colorado, Denver)

February 7, Valentina Duque (American University)

February 14, Jhacova Williams (American University)

February 21, Avinash Bhati (Maxarth LLC)

February 28, Edmund Crawley (Federal Reserve Board) 

March 6, Russell Hillberry (Purdue University)

March 13, No seminar: Spring Break

March 20, Vanessa Alviarez (IDB Research Department)

March 27, Sylvan Herskowitz (World Bank DIME)

April 3, No Seminar: Third-Year Paper Workshop

April 10, Yingyan Zhao (George Washington University)

April 17, TBA

April 24, Ana Tribin (World Bank)

Fall 2023

Sept. 6: Austin Davis, American University, “The Economic Causes and Consequences of the Rohingya Crisis” 

Sept. 13: Alan Griffith, University of Washington

Sept. 20: Prabal De, City University of New York

Sept. 27: Nathan Lane, University of Oxford

Oct. 4: Lena Dräger, Leibniz University Hannover

Oct. 11: Brenda Samaniego de la Parra, University of California, Santa Cruz

Oct. 18: Marian Moszoro, International Monetary Fund

Oct. 25: Yifan Gong, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nov. 1: Stephen J. Trejo, University of Texas at Austin

Nov. 8: Aimee Chin, University of Houston

Nov. 15: Burt Barnow, George Washington University


Spring 2023

Jan. 25: Samuele Centorrino, Stony Brook University, "Iterative Estimation of Nonparametric Regressions with Continuous Endogenous Variables and Discrete Instruments" 

Feb. 1: Secil Akin, American University, PGAE cross-list, "Capital Account Liberalization, Structural Change, and Female Employment" 

Feb. 8: Arie Beresteanu, University of Pittsburgh, "Identification of Incomplete Preferences"

Feb 15: Eren Arbatli, HSE University (Russia), "Geography, Agricultural Suitability and Diversity in Cultural Values" 

Feb. 22: Sherman Robinson, IFPRI, "Meeting Dietary Needs of Poor Households Under Stress: An Integrated Commodity/Food Group Household Simulation Model," Info-Metrics cross-list

Mar. 1: James Habyarimana, Georgetown University, "Local Bureaucrats and School Governance Reform at Scale. Experimental Evidence from Tanzania"

Mar. 8: Minsu Chang, Georgetown University, "Infrastructure Fiscal Multiplier and Corporate Taxations" 

Mar. 15: None

Mar. 22: Graduate Seminars

Mar. 29: Angelino Viceisza, Spelman University, "Topics in Household Finance: Remittances, Cash Transfers, and then Some"

Apr. 5: Siwan Anderson, University of British Columbia, PGAE cross-list, "The Persistence of Female Political Power in Africa" 

Apr. 12: Min Chen, University of Oxford, "Is Information Loss Good or Bad?", Info-Metrics cross-list

Apr. 19: Arslan Razmi, UMass Amherst, "Distributional Conflict as a Sustainer of Inflation: Eclectic Structuralist Thoughts in a Developing Economy Context"

Apr. 26: Jeffrey Dickinson, American University, "Asymmetric information, sorting, and the gender price gap," in person and on Zoom

Spring 2021

Jan 27: Amalia Miller, University of Virginia (joint with PGAE)

Feb 3: No seminar

Feb 10: Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato, Duke University

Feb 17: Matt Klepacz, Federal Reserve Bank

Feb 24: Elizabeth Ananat, Barnard College

Mar 3: Margit Reischer, Georgetown University

Mar 10: Daniele Tavani, Colorado State University

Mar 17: Jennifer Doleac, Texas A&M University

Mar 24: Infometrics seminar

Mar 31: Erin Hengel, University of Liverpool (joint with PGAE)

Apr 7: Marta Giagheddu, Johns Hopkins University’s School for Advanced International Studies

Apr 14: Damon Jones, University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy

Apr 21: Infometrics seminar

Fall 2020

September 9: Gautam Rao, Harvard Economics, How Research Affects Policy: Experimental Evidence from 2,150 Brazilian Municipalities

September 16: Kelly Jones, American University Economics, "Impact of TRAP laws on women's economic outcomes."

September 23: Amos Golan, American University Economics, "Effect of policy-relevant factors on COVID-19 patient survival probability: An info-metrics analysis."

September 30: Julia Lane, NYU Wagner School of Public Serviec, "Democratizing our Data." Seminar held from 12:00PM-1:15PM/

**October 7: Maya Rossin-Slater, Standford Medicine, "Family Spillover Effects of Misdiagnosis: The Case of ADHD." Seminar held from 2:00PM-3:15PM.

October 14: Dania Francis, UMass Boston, Economics, Labor.

October 21: Emily Nix, University of Southern California, Business, Labor.

October 28: Anton Korinek, University of Virginia, Economics, Macroeconomics.

November 4: Danila Serra, Texas A&M University, Economics, Gender. 

November 11: Nathan Lane, Oxford University, Economics, Macroeconomics. 

November 18: Trevon Logan, Ohio State, Economics, Labor. 

December 2: Arin Dube, UMass Amherst, Economics, Macroeconomics. 

Spring 2020

February 19: Julian Messina, Inter-American Development Bank "Labor Economics and Development"

February 26: Job Market Seminar

Fall 2019 

August 28: Lidia Brun and Ignacio Gonzalez, Université Libre de Bruxelles and American University, (Macroeconomics) "The Provision of Elderly Care and the Macroeconomy."

September 4: Jérémie Cohen-Setton, Peterson Institute for International Economics, (Macroeconomics/Fiscal Policy) “The aggregate effects of budget stimulus: evidence from the large fiscal expansions database.”

September 10 (TUESDAY at 12:45 pm): Nicolas Alejandro Lillo Bustos, Universidad Javeriana (Economic History) “Land Inequality and Human Capital: Evidence for the United States from the Homestead Act.”

September 11: Pamela Jakiela, University of Maryland/Centre for Global Development, "Gendered Language"

September 18 Info-Metrics and Economics Department Joint Seminar: Darrell Velegol, Penn State, (Info-Metrics)"Chemical Game Theory".

September 25: John Jones, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, (Public Economics/ Labor Economics)“Social Security Reform with Heterogeneous Mortality”. 

October 2: Ramon Lopez, University of Chile, "Power in Economics: Growth inequalities, and politics"

October 9: Robert Axtell, George Mason University, "120 Million Agents Self-organized into 6 Million Firms: A Model of the U.S. Private Sector"

October 16: Justin Grana, RAND, "Deterrence and Cheap Talk or: How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Signal"

October 23 Info-Metrics and Economics Department Joint Seminar: Nozer D. Singpurwalla, George Washington University, "Information, Entropy, and Extropy in the Courtroom and a Hacker's Bedroom"

October 30: Patricia Gonzalez, Fordham University,  "Optimal Public Debt Indexation in Advanced Economies"

November 6: Hwan-Sik Choi, SUNY Binghamton, "The Role of Noncognitive Ability on Health Status and Wealth Accumulation"

Gender & Economics Week
November 11 (Monday) PGAE Event:

11:30 am Info Lunch: Gender and Economics
1:00 pm Join Shoshana Grossbard, Editor of Review of Household Economics for a discussion: Household Economics and the Recruitment of Women in Economics 

November 13 PGAE Joint Seminar: Emilia Simeonova, Johns Hopkins University, (Gender and Labor Economics)

November 20: Miriam Bruhn, World Bank, "The Impact of Mobile Money on Poor Rural Households: Experimental Evidence from Uganda"

Spring 2019

February 13: Heiwai Tang, Johns Hopkins University SAIS - "Global Sourcing and Domestic Production Networks"

February 20: Cancelled 

February 27 (Presented with the Infometrics Institute): John Harte, Professor of Ecosystem Sciences; ERG/ESPM; University of California, Berkeley: "Inferring both pattern and process from the maximum entropy principle"

March 6: Noel Maurer, George Washington University School of Business: “What have the Romans Americans Ever Done for Us? US intervention and public goods in Latin America, 1895-1929.”

March 13: No seminar, spring break

March 20: Jacob Cosman/Luis Quintero, Carey Business School (JHU), "Fewer players, fewer homes: concentration and the new dynamics of housing supply" 

March 27: Isabel Cairo, Federal Reserve Board, “Market Power, Income Inequality, and Financial Stability” (joint with Jae Sim).

April 2 (Tuesday): Hans Lofgren, Care Work and the Economy Project, "General Equilibrium Modeling for Analysis of Care, Gender, and Labor Markets"

April 3 (Presented with the Infometrics Institute): Avi Bhati, CEO Maxarth LLC, "Quantifying the Specific Deterrence Effects of DNA Databases"

April 10: Roger Betancourt, University of Maryland, “Understanding the Digital Economy in Retailing and Its Implications for Productivity, Household Welfare and GDP Measurement in All Service Sectors”

April 17: Leila Davis, University of Massachusetts Boston - "The evolution of financial fragility in the U.S. economy: a quantile decomposition of firm balance sheets"

April 24: Travis Berge, Federal Reserve Board, “Nowcasting Gross Domestic Output.”

May 1: Jenny Guardado, Georgetown University, "The Long-Run Influence of Institutions Governing Trade: Evidence from Smuggling Ports in Colonial Mexico" (with D. Alvarez-Villa)

Fall 2018

September 5: Jean Lee, Millennium Challenge Corporation
Title: Poverty and Migration in the Digital Age: Experimental Evidence on Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

September 12: Victor Orozco, World Bank
Title: Can Environmental Cash Transfers Reduce Deforestation and Improve Social Outcomes? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Mexico's National Program (2011-2014)

September 19: Javier Miranda, U.S. Census Bureau
Title: Age and High-Growth Entrepreneurship

September 26: Ami Ko, Georgetown University
Title: Partial Rating Area Offering in the ACA Marketplaces

October 3: Luca Flabbi, UNC
Title: Labor Market Search, Informality and Schooling Investments

October 10: Rubina Verma, Georgetown University
Title: Informality in Indian Manufacturing - An Alternative Explanation to 'Jobless Growth'

October 17: Justin Sandefur, Center for Global Development
Title: Outsourcing Service Delivery in a Fragile State: Experimental Evidence from Liberia

October 24: Francesca Loria, FED
Title: A New Keynesian Perspective on Total Factor Productivity via Production Networks 

October 31: Steve Hamilton, George Washington University
Title: Optimal deductibility: Theory, and evidence from a bunching decomposition

November 7: Levent Altinoglu, FED
Title: The Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations in a Credit Network Economy

November 14: Tomohiro Hirano, University of Tokyo
Title: The Wobbly Economy (with Joseph Stiglitz)

November 28: Ben Zipperer, Economic Policy Institute
Title: The Effect of Minimum Wages on Low-Wage Jobs: Evidence from the United States Using a Bunching Estimator (with Doruk Cengiz, Arindrajit Dub, Attila Lindner and Ben Zipperer)

December 4: Jermaine Toney, Post-doctoral Fellow, Cornell University
Title: How Extended Family Mental Health Issues Influence Household Portfolio Allocations

December 5: Michel Grosz, Abt Associates
Title: Do Post-secondary Training Programs Respond to Changes in the Labor Market?

Spring 2018

January 17: Brian Knight, Brown
Title: "Reducing Frictions in College Admissions: Evidence from the Common Application"
*Please note this seminar begins at 12:00 PM

January 25: Kok Mo Jung, Hanyang University
Title: "A Long-Run Approach to Money, Unemployment, and Asset Prices"

January 31: Sweta Saxena, IMF
Title: "Booms, Crises, and Recoveries: A New Paradigm of the Business Cycle and Its Policy Implications"

February 7: Amos Golan, American University
Title: "Data Confessions with Minimal Torture: The Info-Metrics Way"

February 14: Kenneth Leonard, University of Maryland
Title: "Girlhood; Motherhood; Sisterhood: Competitiveness and Culture"

February 21: Bo Sun, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "Monetary Policy Uncertainty"

February 28: Gillian Brunet, NBER and Wesleyan College
Title: "Stimulus on the Home Front: the State-Level Effects of WWII Spending"

March 7: Adam Sacarny, Columbia School of Public Health
Title: "Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing: Evidence from Randomized Behavioral Interventions"

March 21: Luca Flabbi, UNC
Title: "Labor Market Search, Informality, and Schooling Investments"

March 28: Juan Montecinos, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Columbia Business School
Title: "Did Quantitative Easing Increase Income Inequality?"

April 2: Kevin Shih, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Title: "Do Human Capital Decisions Respond to the Returns to Education? Evidence from DACA"
*Please note this seminar is on a Monday beginning at 1:00 PM

April 4: Marshall Steinbaum, Roosevelt Institute
Title: "Labor Market Concentration"

April 11: Naureen Karachiwalla, IFPRI
Title: "Educator Incentives and Educational Triage in Rural Primary Schools"

April 18: Dr. Ana Maria Tribin-Uribe, AU PGAE Visiting Scholar and Central Bank of Colombia
Title: "Unintended Consequences of Maternal Leave Legislation in Colombia"

Fall 2017

September 13: * Joint with Info-Metrics* Aman Ullah, UC Riverside
Title: "Information Theoretic Estimation of Econometric Functions"

September 20: Ariell Reshef, Paris School of Economics
Title: "Techies, Trade, and Skill-Biased Productivity: Firm Level Evidence from France"

September 27: Erick Sager, BLS
Title: "Optimal Public Debt with Life Cycle Motives"

October 4: Wei Ruen Leong, Aarhus University/AU
Title: "Small Sample Bias in Conditional Variance Model"

October 11: Jose Gabriel Porcile Meirelles, UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean/ Columbia University
Title: "A Technology Gap Interpretation of Growth Paths in Asia and Latin America"

October 18: Bob Rijkers, World Bank
Title: "Trading-off the Income Gains and the Inequality Costs of Trade Policy"

October 25: Syon Bhanot, Swarthmore
Title: "Workfare, Wellbeing and Consumption: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Kenya's Urban Poor"

November 1: Bryan Stuart, George Washington University
Title: "The Long-Run Effects of Recessions on Education and Income"

November 8: Devesh Raval, Federal Trade Commission
Title: "How Strong is Gravity? Separating Home Bias from Transport Costs Using Hospital Choice"
*Please note this seminar begins at 12:00 PM

November 15: Toshihiko Mukoyama, Georgetown/ UVA
Title: "Employment Duration and Match Quality over the Business Cycle"

November 22: Thanksgiving Week, no seminar

November 29: Katrina Kosec, IFPRI
Title: "Cash Transfers Increase Trust in Local Government"

Spring 2017

February 8: Nicholas Wilson, Reed College/ White House
Title: "Money, Masculinity, and Men's Health: Experimental Evidence on Demand for a Preventative Health Input"

February 15: Yongmiao Hong, Cornell *Joint Event with Info-Metrics Institute*
Title: "Selection of an Optimal Rolling Window Length in Time-Varying Predictive Regression"

February 22: Evan Kraft, American University Economics
Title:" How Competitive is Croatia's Banking System? A Tale of Two Credit Booms and Two Crises"

March 1: Ben Bridgman, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Title: "Falling Stars: Income Inequality in Hollywood During the Great Compression"

March 8: Maya Eden, World Bank
Title: "The Week"

March 15: Spring Break, No seminar

March 22: Raghav Srinivas, National University of Ireland Galway
Title: "Effective Demand Under Financialization"

March 29: Michael Anderson, Washington and Lee
Title: "Indian Buyers in Global Markets: Quality, Prices, and Productivity"

April 5: Nathan Palmer, Treasury OFR **12:00-1:15PM**
Title: "Learning to Dynamically Optimize from Individual Experience"

April 12: Blake LeBaron, Brandeis University
Title: "The Optimality of Short Term Rules of Thumb at Long Horizons for an Agent-based Financial Market"

April 19: Daniel Bernhofen, American University, School of International Service
Title: "David Ricardo's 1817 Comparative Advantage Formulation at 200: A Brief history and New Insights"

April 26: Shanto Sadhu, NORC at the University of Chicago
Title: "Financial Education and Savings Behavior: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Among Low Income Clients of Branchless Banking in India"


Fall 2016

September 8: Kevin Sheedy, London School of Economics *1:15p.m.- 2:30p.m.
Title: " Political Specialization"
** Please note this is a Thursday seminar**

September 14: Ralf Meisenzahl, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "State Capacity and Public Goods: Institutional Change, Human Capital, and Growth in Early Modern Germany"

September 20: Ethan Kaplan, University of Maryland *1:00p.m.-2:15p.m.
Title: "Excess Capacity and Heterogeneity in the Fiscal Multiplier: Evidence from the Obama Stimulus Package"
**Please note this is a Tuesday seminar**

September 23: Carola Binder, Haverford College *1:00p.m.-2:15p.m.
Title: "Inflation Expectations and the Price at the Pump"
**Please note this is a Friday seminar**

September 28: Alvaro Mezza, Federal Reserve Board
Title: " On the Effect of Student Loans on Access to Homeownership"

October 5: Heather Boushey, Washington Center for Economic Growth
Title: "Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict"

October 12: Natalia Radchenko, American University
Title: "What's So Spatial about Diversification in Nigeria?"

October 19: John Rogers, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "Uncertainty and Carry Trade Excess Returns"

October 26: Sarah Gammage, International Center for Research on Women
Title: "Gender, Migration, Work and Care Deficits: What Role is There for the SDGs?"

November 2: Min Chen, University of Oxford; Joint seminar with the Info-Metrics Institute
Title: "Can Soft Knowledge In Data Intelligence Be Measured?"

November 7: Shaofeng Xu, Bank of Canada *12:00p.m.- 1:15p.m.
Title: "Optimal House Acquisition with Stochastic Income"
**Please note this is a Monday seminar**

November 9: Joan Calzada Aymerich, University of Barcelona
Title: "What do News Aggregators Do? Evidence from Google News in Spain and Germany"

November 16: Jeff Traczynski, FDIC
Title: "Personal Bankruptcy, Asset Risk, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Tenancy by Entirety Laws"

November 21: Paul Gaggl, University of North Carolina-Charlotte *12:00p.m.-1:15p.m.
Title: "On the Welfare Implications of Automation"
**Please note this is a Monday seminar**

November 30: Mary Ann Bronson, Georgetown
Title: "Cohort Size and the Marriage Market: Explaining a Century of Changes in U.S. Marriage Rates"

December 7: Theodore Breton, Universidad EAFIT (Columbia)
Title: "Education and Economic Growth: Where All the Education Went"

Spring 2016

February 10: Anne Boring, Sciences Po and Universite Paris Dauphine
(joint seminar with the AU Program on Gender Analysis in Economics)
Title: "Are Women More Risk Averse in Making Education Choices?"

March 1: Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan
Title: " A General Approach to Recovering Market Expectations from Futures Prices With an Application to Crude Oil"
**please note this is a Tuesday seminar**

March 9: No seminar due to spring break

March 16: Salem Abo-Zaid, Texas Tech University
Title: " The Government Spending Multiplier in a Model with the Cost Channel"

March 23: Noel Johnson, George Mason University
Title: " Jewish Communities and City Growth in Pre-industrial Europe"

March 30: Anthony Bonen, New School for Social Research
Title: " Does Equity Behave Like a Component of the Cost of Capital? Evidence from Crossed Mixed Effects Panels"
*this seminar will start at 12:15*

April 6: Prakash Loungani, International Monetary Fund
Title: " Aggregate Uncertainty and Sectoral Productivity Growth: The Role of Credit Constraints"

April 13: Gabe Mathy, American University
Title: "Productivity is Acyclical: Evidence from a Century of Labor Productivity"

April 20: Bernhard Gunter, American University
Title: TBA

Fall 2015

September 9: Robin Lumsdaine, American University
Title: "The Intrafirm Complexity of Systemically Important Financial Institutions"

September 16: Rodrigo Sekkel, Bank of Canada
Title: " Macroeconomic Uncertainty Through the Lens of Professional Forecasters"

September 23: Kajal Lahiri, SUNY Albany
Title: " Effects of Psychiatric Disorders on Labor Market Outcomes: A Latent Variable Approach Using Multiple Clinical Indicators"

September 30: Jonathan Rose, Federal Reserve Board
Title: " Can a Bank Run Be Stopped? Government Guarantees and the Run on Continental Illinois"
*Views expressed are solely those of the author

October 7: Dileni Gunewardena, University of Peradeniya
Title: "Girls' Education and Labor Market Empowerment: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?"

October 14: Sheetal Sekhri, University of Virginia
Title: " Dial 'Mobile' for Monitoring: Using Technology to Increase Transparency in Public Service Delivery"

October 21: No seminar

October 28: Chiara Scotti, Federal Reserve Board
Title: " Unconventional Monetary Policy and International Risk Premia"
*Views expressed are solely those of the author

November 4: Min Chen, University of Oxford
Title: " Cost-Benefit Analysis of Data Intelligence"

November 11: Melinda Miller, US Naval Academy
Title: " Selection and Historical Height Data: Evidence from the 1892 Boas Sample of the Cherokee Nation"

November 18: Christian Schoder, Vienna University of Economics and Business and the New School for Social Research
Title: "An Estimated Dynamic Stochastic Labor Market Disequilibrium Model for Explaining Unemployment in the Euro Area"

Spring 2015

February 11
Seth Gershenson, American University SPA
Title: " Performance Standards and Employee Effort: Evidence from Teacher Absences"

February 18
Monica Hartmann, American University
Title: " Automobile Maintenance Costs, Used Cars, and Private Information"

February 25 (CANCELLED. Will try to reschedule at a later date).
Robert H. Nelson, University of Maryland School of Public Policy
Title: " Bringing Religion into Economic Policy Making"

March 4
Robert Feinberg, American University
"The Determinants of Cartel Duration in Korea"

March 18
Gisela Rua, Federal Reserve Board
Title: " Inflation Expectations and Recovery from the Depression in 1933: Evidence from the Narrative Record"

March 25
Shushanik Hakobyan, Fordham University
Title: "GSP Expiration and Declining Exports from Developing Countries"

March 26
Kevin P. Gallagher, Boston University and Johns Hopkins SAIS
Title: "Ruling Capital: Emerging Markets and the Reregulation of Cross-Border Finance"
Location: MGC 247, 3:30-5:15 p.m.
**Please note this special seminar is on a Thursday and is co-sponsored by the International Economic Relations program in the School of International Service.

April 1
Egon Zakrajsek, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "Credit Market Sentiment and the Business Cycle"

April 8
George Akerlof, UC Berkeley/Georgetown/IMF
Title: "Phishing for Phools"
**This seminar will be in Ward 2**

April 15
Erdal Tekin, American University, SPA
Title: "The Effect of Community Traumatic Events on Student Achievement: Evidence from the Beltway Sniper Attacks"

April 22
Nick Zolas, U.S. Census Bureau
Title: " International Patenting Strategies with Heterogeneous Firms"

Fall 2014

August 27
Sudipta Sarangi, LSU/NSF
Title: "Contests with Complementarities: Theory and Experiments"
This talk is based on two working papers. 

September 3
Jorge Aguero, University of Connecticut/Inter-American Development Bank
Title: " Did the Swine Flu Save Lives? Evidence from Mexico"

September 10
Simon Sheng, American University
Title: " Information Rigidity in Macroeconomic Forecasts: An International Empirical Investigation"

September 17
Haelim Park, US Department of the Treasury
Title: " Did the Reserve Requirement Increases of 1936-1937 Reduce Bank Lending? Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment"

September 24
Min Wei, Federal Reserve Board
Title: " The Effects of Treasury Debt Supply on Macroeconomic and Term Structure Dynamics"

October 1
Amos Golan, American University
Title: " On the Intrinsic Value of Information or Is There an Absolute Value of Information?"

October 8
Ahmed Rahman, US Naval Academy
Title: " Ex Tridenti Mercatus? Sea-Power and Maritime Trade in the Age of Globalization"

October 15
Zeynep Senyuz, Federal Reserve Board
Title: " Nonlinearity and Time-Varying Dependence in Money Markets"

October 22
Min Chen, University of Oxford
Title: "Myths and Promises of Data Intelligence"

October 29
Larry Ball, Johns Hopkins University
Title: "Can We Reverse the Damage from the Great Recession?"

November 5
Anne-Christine Barthel, Randolph College
Title: "Extending the Scope of Monotone Comparative Statistics Results"

November 12
Peter Leeson, George Mason University
Title: "Prenups"

November 19
Mark Koyama, George Mason University
Title: " Unified China and Divided Europe"

No seminar November 26 due to Thanksgiving

December 3
Caroline Fohlin, Emory/Johns Hopkins University
Title: TBA

Spring 2014

February 5: Chris Papageorgiou, IMF
Title: "Economic Diversification in Low-Income Countries"

February 12: Vivian Hoffman, University of Maryland
Title: "Learning by Doing Something Else: Experience with Alternatives and Adoption of a High-Barrier Menstrual Hygiene Technology"

February 19: Seth Gershenson, American University
Title: "Linking Teacher Quality, Student Attendance, and Student Achievement"

February 26: Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, University of Maryland
Title: "What Hinders Investment in the Aftermath of Financial Crises: Insolvent Firms or Illiquid Banks?"

March 5: Michael Kremer, Harvard University
Title: "What Institutions are Appropriate for Generating and Disseminating Local Agricultural Information?"

March 19: Garance Genicot, Georgetown University
Title: "Asymmetry of Information within Family Networks"

March 26: Ben Johannsen, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "Inflation Experience and Inflation Expectations: Dispersion and Disagreement within Demographic Groups"

April 2: Mark Carlson, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "Corporate Governance and Risk Management at Unprotected Banks: National Banks in the 1890s"

April 9: Yana Rogers, Rutgers University (joint with Gender Seminar Series)
Title: "Land Reform and Welfare in Vietnam: Why Gender of the Land-Rights Holder Matters"

April 16: Aart Kraay, World Bank
Title: "Growth, Inequality, and Social Welfare: Cross-Country Evidence"

April 23: Daniel Bernhofen, American University
Title: "Estimating the Effects of the Container Revolution on World Trade"

April 30: Boris Gershman, American University
Title: "Witchcraft Beliefs and the Erosion of Trust: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa"

Fall 2013

September 4: Barkley Rosser, James Madison University
Title: "The Evolution of Hyperbolic Discounting: Implications for Truly Social Valuation of the Future"

September 11: James Fenske, University of Oxford
Title: "War, Resilience, and Political Engagement in Africa"

September 18: Roger Betancourt, University of Maryland
Title: "Unbundling Democracy: Tilly Trumps Schumpeter"

September 25: Michael Makowsky, Johns Hopkins University
Title: "Altruistic Groups, Selfish Leaders and the Evolution of Power"

October 2: Suresh Naidu, Columbia University
Title: "Contested Property: Fugitive Slaves in the Antebellum South"

October 9: Xiaodong Liu, University of Colorado-Boulder (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: "Identification and Efficient Estimation of Simultaneous Equations Networks Models"

October 23: John Parman, College of William and Mary
Title: "Historical Segregation and Black Health Outcomes"

October 30: Andrew Zeitlin, Georgetown University
Title: "The Price of Empowerment: Experimental Evidence on the Demand for Land Titles and Female Co-Titling in Urban Tanzania"

November 6: Bahattin Buyuksahin, Bank of Canada (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: "Financialization of the Food Market"

November 13: Nicholas Coleman, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "Bank Ownership, Lending, and Local Economic Performance During the 2008-2010 Financial Crisis"

November 20: Tara Rice, Federal Reserve Board
Title: "Shock Transmission Through International Banks: How Vulnerable are Affiliate Markets? Evidence from U.S. Banks"

December 4: Gabe Mathy, American University
Title: "Unemployment Persistence in the Recoveries from the Great Depression and the Great Recession"

Spring 2013

March 20
Remi Jedwab, George Washington University
Title: "Urbanization With and Without Structural Transformation"

March 27
Keun Lee, Seoul National University
Title: "Neo-Schumpeterian Analysis of Catch-Up by the Latecomers: Knowledge, Path-Creation, and the Middle-Income Trap"

April 3
Jeremiah Dittmar & Skipper Seabold, both American University
Title: "Media, Beliefs, and Economic Change: Printing and the Protestant Reformation"

April 10
Wallace Oates & Robert Schwab, both University of Maryland
Title: "The Window Tax: A Case Study in Excess Burden"

April 17
Luciano Floridi, University of Hertfordshire and Oxford University (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: "The Design of Political Agents in the Age of Hyperhistory"

April 24
Jay Shambaugh, George Washington University
Title: "Rounding the Corners of the Trilemma" (joint work with Michael Klein)

May 1
Peter Adriaans, University of Amsterdam (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: "What Does it Mean to be a Model? A Computational View"

Fall 2012

September 5
Bilgehan Karabay, University of Virginia
Title: "When Is it Optimal to Delegate? The Theory of Fast-Track Authority"

September 12
Robert Rich, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: The Measurement and Behavior of Uncertainty: Evidence from the ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters

September 19
Chris Blattman, Columbia
Title: Building institutions at the micro-level: Results from a field experience in property dispute and conflict resolution

September 26
Robin Lumsdaine, American University
Title: Wall Street vs. Main Street: A Comparison of Views

October 3
Ignacio Presno, Boston Federal Reserve
Title: Sovereign Default Risk and Uncertainty Premia

October 10
Tobias Pfutze, Oberlin College
Title: The Effects of a Non-Contributory Pension Program on Labor Force Participation: The Case of '70 y mas' in Mexico

October 17
Paola Giuliano, UCLA
Title: On the Origins of Gender Roles: Women and the Plough

October 24
Nicholas Ziebarth, Iowa
Title: Cementing the Case for Collusion under the National Recovery Administration

October 31
Amos Golan, American U (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: On the Foundations and Philosophy of Info-Metrics

November 7
Refik Soyer, GWU (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: When is Failure Preferable to Survival?

November 14
Jeremiah Dittmar, American University
Title: Ideas, Business, Human Capital, and Growth, the Print Media Revolution in Early Modern Europe

November 28
Timo Teräsvirta, Aarhus University (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: Conditional Correlation Models of Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity with Nonstationary GARCH Equations

Monday, December 3 at 3:30 PM*
Sam Bowles, Santa Fe Institute
Title: Machiavelli's Mistake: Why good laws are no substitute for good citizens
*please note this seminar is on a Monday and at 3:30 PM

December 5
Eric Chaney, Harvard
Title: Pirates of the Mediterranean: An Empirical Investigation of Bargaining with Asymmetric Information

Spring 2012

February 29
Kees Bouwman, Erasmus University (joint with Info-Metrics Institute and KSB)
"Stock Market Liquidity and Bond Risk Premia" (joint paper with Elvira Sojli and Wing Wah Tham)

Friday, March 2
Badi Baltagi, Syracuse University
"Firm-level Productivity Spillovers in China's Chemical Industry: A Spatial Hausman-Taylor Approach" (joint with Peter Egger and Michaela Kesina)

March 7
Robert Lerman, American University

March 21
Stephanie Seguino, University of Vermont
"Monetary tightening and the dynamics of US race and gender stratification"

March 28
William Ferguson, Grinnell College
"Collective-Action and Exchange: a Game-Theoretic Approach to Contemporary Political Economy"

April 11
Sherman Robinson, IFPRI (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
"Applications of Maximum Entropy Econometrics to Estimation Problems in Developing Countries"

Friday, April 13
Truman Bewley, Yale University
"An Interview Study of Pricing"

April 18
Talip Kilic, The World Bank
Amparo Palacios-Lopez, University of Maryland College Park and The World Bank
"What Explains Gender Disparities in Agricultural Productivity? Evidence from Malawi"

April 25
Michael Anderson, Washington and Lee University
"Ethnic Networks and Price Dispersion" (joint work with Martin Davies, Washington and Lee University, and Stephen L. S. Smith, Gordon College)

Thursday, April 26
Herman Van Dijk, Erasmus University (Info-Metrics Institute Seminar)
"Simulation based Bayes Procedures for Three 21st Century Key Research Issues"

Fall 2011

September 14
Victor Yakovenko, University of Maryland (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
"Entropy maximization and distributions of money, income, and energy consumption in a market economy"

September 28
Robin Lumsdaine, American University
"How Survey Design Affects Inference Regarding Health Perceptions and Outcomes"

October 5
Prakash Loungani, International Monetary Fund
"Cyclical or Structural? New Evidence on Sources of High Unemployment"

Thursday, October 13
Bahattin Buyuksahin, International Energy Agency
"Do Institutional Traders Predict Bull and Bear Markets?"
*please note that this seminar is on a Thursday

October 19
Jay Stewart, Bureau of Labor Statistics
"How to Think About Time-Use Data: What Inferences Can We Make About Long-and Short-Run Time Use from Time Diaries?"

Friday, October 21
Evzen Kocenda, Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education and Economics Institute (CERGE-EI)
"Exchange Rates in Central and East European Countries: Evidence from the Pre- and Post-Crisis Periods"
*please note that this seminar is on a Friday

October 26
Christopher Ruhm, University of Virginia
"Time for Children: Trends in the Employment Patterns of Parents, 1967-2009"

November 2
Teddy Seidenfeld, Carnegie Mellon University (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: Bayesian Consensus

November 9
Herman Stekler and Tara Sinclair, George Washington University
"Examining the Quality of Early GDP Component Estimates"

November 16
Sarah Baird, George Washington University
Worms at Work: Long Run Impacts of Child Health Gains

November 30
John Chao, University of Maryland
"Instrumental Variable Estimation and Testing with Heteroskedasticity and Many Instruments"

December 7
Loran Grady Chollete, UiS Business School, Norway (joint with Info-Metrics Institute)
Title: "The Market Premium for Dynamic Tail Risk"

Thursday, December 8
Ting Liu, Michigan State University
"Health Insurance, Treatment Plan, and Delegation to Altruistic Physician"
*please note that this seminar is on a Thursday

Spring 2011

January 19
Carl Sanders, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Skill Uncertainty, Skill Accumulation, and Occupational Choice"

January 26
Rebecca Lessem, University of Wisconsin Madison
"U.S. Mexico Immigration: Effects of Wages and Border Enforcement"

Monday, January 31
Daniel Schmierer, University of Chicago
"Home Investment in Children in Anticipation of Divorce"
*please note that this seminar is on a Monday

Thursday, February 3
Rachel Heath, Yale University
"Why Do Firms Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories"
*Please note that this seminar is on a Thursday

February 16
Amos Golan, American University
"An Entropic Framework for Modelling Economies"

February 23
Gavin Wright, Stanford University
"Sharing the Prize: The Economics of the Civil Rights Revolution in the South"

Monday, February 28
Costanza Biavaschi, Rutgers University
"Recovering the Counterfactual Wage Distribution with Selective Return Migration"
*Please note that this seminar is on a Monday

March 2
Juan Bonilla, University of Maryland College Park
"Contracting Out Public Schools for Academic Achievement: Evidence from Colombia"

March 16
Ellen Meade, American University

March 23
Aman Ullah, University of California Riverside
"Estimation and Forecasting of Dynamic Conditional Covariance: A Semiparametric Multivariate Model"
Joint with Info-Metrics Institute

March 30
Stelios Michalopoulos, Tufts University
"The Long-Run Effects of the Scramble for Africa"

Thursday, March 31 at 3 p.m.
M. Hashem Pesaran, Cambridge University
"On Identification of Bayesian DSGE Models"
Joint with Info-Metrics Institute
*Please note that this seminar is on a Thursday at 3 p.m.

Friday, April 1 at 10:30 a.m.
Ann Huff Stevens
"The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Understanding Pro-cyclical Mortality" (Ann Huff Stevens, Douglas Miller, Marianne Page, and Mateusz Fillipski)
*Please note that this seminar is on a Friday at 10:30 a.m.

April 6
Neil Ericsson, Federal Reserve Board
"The Intuition of Empirical Model Selection"

Tuesday, April 12
Natalia Radtchenko, University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne & CREST
"The Changing Intra-Household Resource Allocation in Russia"
*please note that this seminar is on a Tuesday

April 13
Karla Hoffman, George Mason University
"Combinatorial Auctions: Why are they proliferating and the role OR plays in such auctions"

Fall 2010

September 15
Eric Verhoogen, Columbia University
"Exports and Wage Premia: Evidence from Mexican Employer-Employee Data"

September 22
John Nye, George Mason University
"Does Fortune Favor Dragons?"

September 29
Ximing Wu, Texas A&M - joint with Info-Metrics Institute
"Semiparametric Estimation of Production Functions with Shape Constraints" (with Robin Sickles)

September 30
Elvira Sojli and Wing Wah Tham, Erasmus University and Erasmus School of Economics
"The Impact of Foreign Government Investments: Sovereign Wealth Fund Investments in the U.S."
*Kogod School of Business T-62, 12:45-2 p.m.*
*please note that this seminar is on a Thursday, in the Kogod building

October 6
Jonathan Wright, Johns Hopkins University
"Reverse Regressions and Long Horizon Forecasting"

October 13
Robert McMaster, Marquette University
"Situating Care in Health Economics"

October 20
Eric Renault, University of North Carolina - joint with Info-Metrics Institute

October 27
Petra Todd, University of Pennsylvania - joint with Info-Metrics Institute
"Structural Estimation and Policy Evaluation in Developing Countries"

November 3
Jennifer Poole, UC Santa Cruz
"Trade Liberalization, Firm Heterogeneity, and Wages: New Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data"

November 10
Mark Gersovitz, Johns Hopkins University
"Disinhibition and Immiserization in a Model of Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible (SIS) Diseases"

November 17
Robin Lumsdaine, American University - joint with Info-Metrics Institute
"The Relationship between Oil Prices and Breakeven Inflation Rates"

December 1 (Co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost)
Peter Doeringer, Boston University
"Can Small-Scale Industries Be Rescued from Industrial Decline? Labor Market Regulation, Workplace Efficiency, and Economic Performance in the Los Angeles and New York Garment Districts"
*East Quad Building Lounge*
*please note that this seminar is at a different location

Spring 2010

Wednesday, January 13
Suyong Song, University of California, San Diego
"Identification and Estimation of Nonseparable Models with Measurement Errors"

FRIDAY, January 15
Seth Richards, University of Pennsylvania
"Peer Effects in Sexual Initiation: Separating Social Norms and Partner Supply"

Wednesday, January 20
Yanping (Shannon) Chong, University of California, Davis
"Fundamentals Based Exchange Rate Predictability over the Business Cycle"

FRIDAY, January 22
Fedor Iskhakov, University of Oslo (visiting University of Maryland, College Park)
"Structural Dynamic Model of Retirement with Latent Health Indicators"

Wednesday, January 27
Florian Hoffmann, University of Toronto
"An Empirical Model of Life-Cycle Earnings and Mobility Dynamics"

FRIDAY, January 29
Prosper Dovonon, University of Montreal
"GMM Overidenitification Text with First Order Underidentification"

TUESDAY, February 16
Simon Sheng, SUNY Albany
"Modeling Inflation Forecast Uncertainty: Theory and Empirics"

February 17
Kyo Ho Kang, Washington University in St. Louis
"Change Points in Affine Term-Structure Models: Pricing, Estimation and Forecasting"

February 24
John Driscoll, Federal Reserve Board
"Learning in the Credit Card Market" (joint with Sumit Agarwal, Xavier Gabaix, and David Laibson)

March 3
James Bono, American University
"Bargaining in the National Airspace System"

FRIDAY, March 19
Luca Guerrieri, Federal Reserve Board and American University
"Oil Shocks and External Adjustment"

March 24
Jeanne LaFortune, Maryland
"Smooth(er) Landing? The Dynamic Role of Networks in the Location and Occupational Choice of Immigrants in Early 20th Century United States"

March 31
John Haltiwanger, Maryland
"Labor Market Flows and Vacancies in the Cross Section and Over Time" (joint with Steven Davis and Jason Faberman)

TUESDAY, April 6
Austin Nichols, University of Michigan
"The EITC for Noncustodial Parents"

April 7
Suresh Naidu, Harvard Academy & Weatherhead Center
"Bases, Bullets, and Ballots: The Effect of US Military Aid on Political Conflict in Colombia" (joint with Oendrila Dube)

April 14
Carmen Reinhart, Maryland
"From Financial Crash to Debt Crisis" & "This Time is Different: Country Histories on Debt, Default, and Financial Crises" (joint with Kenneth Rogoff)

April 21
Graciela Kaminsky, George Washington University
"Two Hundred Years of Financial Integration: Latin America since Independence"

Fall 2009

September 2
Tara Sinclair and Yueqing Jia, George Washington University
Permanent and Transitory Macroeconomic Relationships between the US and China

September 9
Enrico Ciavolino and/or Rosa Bernardini Papalia, Universita del Salento and Universita di Bologna, respectively

TUESDAY, September 22
*Note special date and location*
Deirdre McCloskey, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Does Not Explain the Modern World"
*Gray Hall, Bentley Lounge*
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

September 30
Ralph Sonenshine, American University
Horizontal Mergers and R&D

October 7
*Note special date and location*
Phill Swagel, Georgetown University,
"The Financial Crisis: An Inside View"
*Kogod School of Business 118*
11:30 am to 1 pm
[note this will be a joint seminar with Kogod]

October 14
Jeremiah Dittmar, American University
"Ideas, Technology, and Economic Change: The Impact of the Printing Press"

October 21
Arturo C. Porzecanski, American University
"Latin America: The Missing Financial Crisis"

October 28
Haydar Kurban, Howard University
"Property Tax Funded Suburban Public Education:
Tiebout Benefits or Community-Based Redistribution"

November 4
Michael J. Ferrantino, American University
"Downstreaming, Diffusion, and the Dynamics of Comparative Advantage"

November 11
Gary Painter, University of Southern California
"Travel Behavior among Latino Immigrants: The Role of Ethnic Neighborhoods and Ethnic Employment"

November 18*
*Note special location*
Bernhard G. Gunter (American University and Bangladesh Development Research Center), Haiyan Shi (International Monetary Fund) [presenters]; and Deborah Brautigam (SIS), and Neil Watkins (Jubilee USA Network) [discussants]
"Linking Social Development with the Capacity to Carry Debt: Towards an MDG-Consistent Debt Sustainability Concept"
*SIS Lounge*
12 pm to 1:30 pm
* Co-sponsored with the Center for Development Studies and Practice at the School of International Service.

December 2
Elena Bardasi, World Bank
"Working Long Hours and Having No Choice: Time Poverty in Guinea"

Spring 2009

February 4
Carmen Diana Deere, University of Florida, Gainesville
"Poverty, Headship and Gender Inequality in Asset Ownership in Latin America"

February 11 at 2:00 p.m.
Mark Duggan, University of Maryland
"Paying a Premium on Your Premium: Consolidation in the U.S. Health Insurance Industry"

February 18
Maggi Chen, George Washington University
"Multinational Subsidiary Networks"

February 25
Kim Elliot, Peterson Institute for International Economics

March 4
Kevin Forbes, Catholic University

March 18
Elizabeth Kiser, Federal Reserve Board

March 25
Alison Jacknowitz, American University
"The Effect of Full-Day Kindergarten on English Learner Students"

March 31
Meredith Crowley, Chicago Fed

April 8
Adam Thomas, Brookings Institute

April 15
James Bono, American University

April 22
Bahattin Buyuksahin, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Fall 2008

September 3
Impact on Poverty of the Food and Oil price Crisis in Africa
Quentin Wodon, World Bank

September 10
On Promotion, Race and Gender - An Empirical Analysis of the U. S. Navy
Amos Golan, American University

September 17
Consumption, Asset Wealth and Money Balances: Revisiting the Predictability of Asset Returns
Pierre Lafourcade, Dutch Central Bank

September 24
"Let a Thousand Models Bloom: Western Universities and the Making of the New Higher Educational System in the Gulf"
John Willoughby, American University

October 1
Does the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Make a Difference?
Kara Reynolds, American University

October 8
The Free-Riding Effect of the MFN Clause: Evidence Across Commodities and Countries {ABSTRACT}
Rodney Ludema, Georgetown University

October 15
Efficient Delivery of Cash Transfers to the Poor: Improving the Design of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Ecuador
Paul Carillo, George Washington University

October 22
Sam Allen, Virginia Military Institute
Political Economy of Workers' Compensation Insurance

November 5
Integration, Agglomeration and Costly Adjustment of Labor
Mina Kim, Bureau of Labor Statistics

November 12
Diseases and Development: A Theory of Infection Dynamics and Economic Behavior
Chris Papageorgiou, IMF

November 19
Church Provision of Club Goods and Community Redevelopment in New Orleans East
Virgil Storr, George Mason University

December 3
Nutrition Interventions in Northern Ghana: Impacts on Mothers' Vitamin A Knowledge and Children's Vitamin A Consumption
Krista Jacobs, ICRW

Spring 2008

February 13
Challenges for Europe in a Capital Market-Driven Economy
Max Watson, Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford and Associate Fellow of Chatham House

February 20
When Bioterrorism Was No Big Deal
Werner Troesken, George Mason University

February 27
Motivational Structures Underlying Judicial Discretion: An Information Theoretic Investigation
Avinash Bhati, Urban Institute

March 5
Economics of Education: A 50-year Anniversary Recap
George Psacharopoulos, formerly at the London School of Economics, University of Chicago, and World Bank

March 19
Private versus Public Capital Formations and Private Economic Growth
Mehmet Ali Celebi, American University

March 26
High Growth and Low Consumption in East Asia: How to Improve Welfare While Avoiding Financial Failures
Andrew Feltenstein, International Monetary Fund

April 2
Explaining the Inability of Economists to Practice What They Preach
Tom Scheiding, Elizabethtown College

April 9
"Happy Peasants and Frustrated Achievers:Lessons and Questions for (Health) Policy from the Economics of Happiness"
Carol Graham, University of Maryland | Brookings Institution

April 16
"No Small Hope: The Basic Good Imperative"
Ken Reinert, George Mason University

April 23
"A New Era of International Financial Integration:Global, Market, and Regional Factors"
Graciela Kaminsky, George Washington University

Fall 2007

September 5
"Intertemporal Labor Supply and Involuntary Unemployment"
Arne Uhlendorff, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

September 12
"The Influence of Firms on Governments"
John Mayo, Georgetown University

September 19
"Farming Type and Performance: A Comparison of Conventional and Organic Dairy Production in the United States"
Roberto Mosheim, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

September 26
"Substance Abuse Treatment and Motor Vehicle Fatalities"
Beth Freeborn, College of William and Mary

October 3
"Is Trade Preference Erosion Bad for Development?"
Judith Dean, U.S. International Trade Commission

October 10
Subsidized Contraception, Fertility Outcomes, and Sexual Behavior
Melissa Schettini Kearney, University of Maryland

October 24
"Industrial Clusters in Mexico, 1988-2002"
Alejandro Dávila Flores, Director of the Center for Socioeconomic Research at the Autonomous University of Coahuila and member of the National System of Research in Mexico (SNI)

October 31
"Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy with Costly Wage Bargaining"
David Arseneau, Federal Reserve Board

November 7
"Human Capital Risk Management: The Optimal Exercise of Career Options"
Jonathan Treussard, Boston University

November 14
"Who does Microfinance Fail to Reach? Experimental Evidence on Gender and Microenterprise Returns"
David McKenzie, World Bank

November 28
"Financial Liberalization, Financial Restraint and Entrepreneurial Development"
Shahe Emran, George Washington University

Spring 2007

January 24
"Transitioning Out of Poverty"
Mika Kato, Howard University

February 9 - Note: Special Friday Seminar
"Time Allocation and Household Production"
Robert Pollak, Washington University at Saint Louis and MacArthur Foundation Network on the Family and the Economy

February 21
"An Economic Analysis of Warrior Warfare"
Shawn Humphrey, University of Mary Washington

February 28
"Tax Incentives for Low-Income Communities: Has the New Markets Tax Credit Led to Increased Investment in Targeted Communities?"
Tami Gurley-Calvez, U.S. General Accounting Office

March 7
"Experiences at the Federal Reserve"
Ed Gramlich, Urban Institute and former member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

March 28
"Some Simple Tests of the Globalization and Inflation Hypothesis"
Steve Kamin, Federal Reserve Board

April 4
"Gender, Employment and State Taxes in the U.S."
Caren Grown, Levy Economics Institute

April 11
"Seek and You Will Not Find: Model Specification and Search in the Presence of Two-Directional Spatial Autocorrelation"
Mark Roberts, Cambridge University

April 18
"Revisiting Altruism in the Family: A New Perspective"
Maria Sophia Aguirre, Catholic University

April 25
"On the Role of Absorptive Capacity: FDI Matters to Growth"
Yuko Kinoshita, International Monetary Fund

Fall 2006

August 30
"MASs Macro: An Agent-Based Computational Approach to Macroeconomics"
Robert Axtell, Brookings/Santa Fe/George Mason

September 13
"Real-Time Measurement of Business Conditions"
Chiara Scotti (Federal Reserve Board)

September 20
"Macroeconomic and Structural Constraints on Export-Led Growth in Mexico"
Robert Blecker, American University

September 27
"Testing the Transparency Benefits of Inflation Targeting: Evidence from Private Sector Forecasters"
Chris Crowe, IMF

October 4
"Skill or Luck? The Informational Value of Hedge Fund Track Records"
Kwang Soo Cheong, John Hopkins University

October 11
"Empirical Evidence on Occupation and Industry Specific Human Capital"
Paul J. Sullivan, BLS

October 18
"Law and Economics"
Christine Kymn, George Mason University

October 25
"Crowding Out in Corporate Charitable Giving"
Steven Trost, US International Trade Commission

November 1
"Inflation and Stock Prices: No Illusion"
Chao Wei, George Washington University

November 8
"A Model of Price Advertising"
Eliane P. Catilina, American University

November 15
"Causes and Consequences of the Decline in Marriage"
Barbara Bergmann, American University / University of Maryland

November 29
"Industrial Organization"
Zhe Jin, University of Maryland

December 6
Amos Golan, American University

Spring 2006

Janurary 18
"Do Firms Maximize Profits? Evidence of Suboptimal Replacement Decisions by a Car Rental Company"
John Rust, University of Maryland

January 25
"False Modesty: When Disclosing Good News Looks Bad"
Theodore To, BLS

February 1
"Dynamic Stability and Reform of Political Institutions"
Roger Lagunoff, Georgetown University

February 8
"Asset Prices and Asset Correlations in Illiquid Markets"
Celso Brunetti, Johns Hopkins University

February 15
"Demand for Payday Advance or Refunding Anticipation Loans"
Gregory Elliehausen, Credit Research Center, Georgetown University

February 22
"The Erosion of Tariff Preferences: The Impact of U.S. Tariff Reductions on Developing Countries"
Kara Reynolds, American University

March 1
"Inflation Targeting under Imperfect Knowledge"
Athanasios Orphanides, Federal Reserve Board

March 8
"Testing for Structural Breaks and Other forms of Non-stationarity: A Misspecification Perspective"
Maria Heracleous, American University

March 22
"Subjective Probability and Utility: Their Historical Development and Axiomatics"
Nozer Singpurwalla, George Washington University

March 29
"Why Have Cocaine and Heroin Prices Declined in the Face of Tougher Enforcement?"
Peter Reuter, University of Maryland

April 5
"The Economic Impact of AIDS Treatment: Labor Supply in Western Kenya"
Markus Goldstein, World Bank

April 19
"Estimating Herd Behavior in Financial Markets: A Structural Approach"
Marco Cipriani, George Washington University

April 21 - SPECIAL DATE!
"Financial Access of Low Income Population in Brazil"
Camille Bemerguy, UFF - Brazil, Visiting Scholar, American University

April 26
"What's the Game?"
Eliane Catilina and Amos Golan, American University

Fall 2005

December 7
"Financial Markets and Effectiveness of Remittances to Developing Countries"
B. Gabriela Mundaca, University of Oslo

November 30
"Policy Anchors: FTAs, WTO Accession, and Domestic Reform in Developing Countries"
Michael Ferrantino, USITC

November 16
"Why do the Poor Leave the Safety Net in Mexico? A Study of the Effects of Conditionality on Dropouts"
Carola Alvarez & Florencia Devoto, IDB and Paul Winters, American University

November 9
"From Rogue Creditors to Rogue Debtors"
Arturo Porzecanski, Scholar of International Finance, American University

November 2
"Gini's Multiple Regressions"
Shlomo Yitzhaki, Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel) and Hebrew University, Jerusalem

October 21 (Friday)
Growth Dynamics: The Myth of Economic Recovery
Sweta Saxena, University of Pittsburgh, (with Valerie Cerra, IMF)

October 20 (Thursday)
"Will There be a Dollar Crisis?"
Paul Krugman, Princeton University, 3pm to 5pm, Battelle Atrium

October 12
"Patterns and Determinants of Entry in Rural County Banking Markets"
Bob Feinberg, AU

October 5
"Violent Conflict and Economic Growth: Re-visiting the Evidence"
Martha Starr, AU

September 28
"Rural Electrification Challenge and Experience in Asia and Africa"
Subodh Mathur, Note: Subodh Mathur taught Econometrics and Economic Development at the American University 1981-1988. Since 1995 he has been a consultant in the design of rural electrification and renewable energy development projects

September 21
"Some Pitfalls in Testing the Law of One Price in Commodity Markets"
John Pippenger, UC Santa Barbara, Emeritus, (Co-author Llad Phillips, UC Santa Barbara)

September 14
"Trends in Intergenerational Mobility"
Tom Hertz, AU

September 7
"Public Capital and Growth in a Decentralized Framework"
Ajitava Raychaudhuri, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Spring 2005

April 20
"The Effects of Multiple Minimum Wages Throughout the Labor Market in Costa Rica"
Tim Gindling, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

April 13
"The Effect of Adult Returns to Schooling on Children's School Enrollment, Theory and Evidence from South Africa"
Sarah Gormly, Division of Foreign Economic Research, Department of Labor, (Co-author Kenneth A. Swinnerton)

April 8 (Friday)
"External Shocks and the Urban Poor"
Pierre-Richard Agénor, Co-Director, Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research, School of Economic Studies, University of Manchester, Related paper: The Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction

March 30
"Cost-Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS Treatment in India and Thailand"
Mead Over, Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

March 23
"Central Bank Estimates of Natural Rates for Unemployment and Inflation"
Peter Tinsley, George Washington University, (Co-author Sharon Kozicki, Research Dept., Kansas City Fed.)

March 16
"Inequality Of Opportunity? Cross Country Evidence on the Determinants of Educational Investment and Returns"
Mark Hopkins, Dept. of Economics, Gettysburg College

March 2
"Counting The Reasons Why Countercyclicality Of Workers' Remittances May Be Counterfactual"
Serdar Sayan, Visiting Scholar, IMF Research Department

February 23
"A Model of Academic Journal Quality with Applications to Open-Access Journals"
Chris Snyder, George Washington University, (Co-author, Mark J. McCabe, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Fall 2004

December 15
"Trade Deflection and Trade Depression"
Chad Bown, Brandeis and Brookings

December 8
"The State of Working America - A Research Agenda"
Sylvia Allegretto, Economic Policy Institute

December 1
"A Financial Approach to Modeling Macro Risk"
Dale Gray, MF Risk, Inc

November 17
Jointly sponsored by PE Seminar
"Still a Man's Labor Market: The Long Term Earnings Gap"
Stephen Rose (OCR Macro) and Heidi Hartmann (Institute for Women's Policy Research)

November 10
"Counting Chickens when they Hatch: The Short-Term Effect of Aid on Growth"
Steven Radelet, Center for Global Development, (Co-authors Michael A. Clemens, Rikhil Bhavnani)

November 3
"The Deadliest of Games: A Model of The Duel"
Eliane Catilina, American University, (Co-author Robert E. Wright)

October 27
"The Spread of Antidumping Regimes and the Role of Retaliation in Filings"
Robert Feinberg and Kara Olson, American University

October 20
"The Economic Consequences of Dollar Appreciation for U.S. Manufacturing Profits and Investment: A Time-Series Analysis"
Robert Blecker, American University

October 8 (Friday)
PE Seminar, Noon - 1pm
"Creating a Free (Market) Woman: Evaluating Market Freedom Indicators and Gender Wage Patterns"
Laura Bhadra (Co-author Ramya Vijaya)

October 6
Bentley Lounge, Gray Hall
"Have minimum wages benefited South Africa's domestic workers?"
Tom Hertz, American University

September 22
"The Socio-Economic Impact of Favela-Bairro: What do the Data Say?"
Yuri Soares, IDB Evaluation Office

September 8
"Image Reconstruction: An Information-Theoretic Approach"
Amos Golan, American University, (Co-authors Avi Bhati and Bahattin Buyuksahin)

Spring 2004

April 21
"Bank Runs in Emerging Market Economies: Turkey's Special Finance Houses"
Martha Starr, American University

April 16 (Friday)
PE Seminar, 3pm
"Have Global Public Goods Revived Jeremy Bentham?"
Kristen Sheeran, St. Mary's College

April 14
"University Rankings Games"
James Dearden, Lehigh University

April 7
"From Promises to Action: Recommendations from the UN Millennium Project Task Force 3 for Achieving Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment"
Caren Grown, International Center for Research on Women

March 31
"Venezuela's Deteriorating Economy and Polity"
Peter Whitney, American University

March 24
"The Beach Party Problem"
Nicholas Baigent, London School of Economics and University of Graz, Austria

March 19 (Friday)
PE Seminar, Noon-1pm
"Global Keynesianism Versus The New Mercantilism: International Economics After Joan Robinson"
Robert Blecker, American University

March 17
"The Role of Trust in Costly Network Formation"
Sudipta Sarangi, Louisiana State University, (Co-author Robert Gilles)

February 26 (Wednesday)
PE Seminar, Noon-1pm
"Social Democracy... and... Libertarian Socialism: What Went Wrong?"
Robin Hahnel, American University

Fall 2003

December 8 (Monday)
"Prioritizing Growth: Enhancing Macropolicy Choice"
Colin Bradford, American University

December 3
"The Elimination of Textile and Apparel Quotas: Trade Diversion or Trade Creation?"
Kara Olson, American University

November 17 (Monday)
"Life-Cycle Variation in the Association between Current and Lifetime Earnings"
Gary Solon, University of Michigan

November 12
"Rethinking Policy Toward Single Mothers"
Barbara Bergmann, American University, Emerita

November 5
"Bargaining over Subsidy Support for Adopted Children"
Mary Hansen, American University

October 29
"Technological Uncertainty and Earnings Dispersion in US Iron Work, 1866-1881"
Peter Meyer, Bureau of Labor Statistics

October 22
"Globalization and International Commodity Trade: The Case of West African Cocoa"
Christopher Gilbert, Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy, (Coauthor Panos Varangis)

October 15
"Inflation Targeting in Brazil: Lessons and Challenges"
Marcelo Kfoury Muinhos, Research Department, Central Bank of Brazil, (Co-authors Andre Minella, Paulo Springer de Freitas and Ilan Goldfajn)

October 1
"Market Power and the Incentives to Form Research Consortia"
Bob Feinberg and Eliane Catilina, American University

September 24
"Job Stability, Earnings, and Marital Stability: How Are They Related?"
Bob Lerman, American University and Urban Institute, (Coauthor Avner Ahituv, University of Haifa and Urban Institute)

September 17
"Regionalism: Old and New, Theory and Practice"
Sherman Robinson, IFPRI. Coauthored with Mary Burfisher and Karen Thierfelder

September 10
"Education, Human Capital and National Income"
Theodore R. Breton, George Mason University

September 3
"Works Councils & Environmental Investment: Theory & Evidence from German Panel Data"
Stephen C. Smith, George Washington University, (Coauthors Jan Erik Askildsen, University of Bergen; Uwe Jirjahn, University of Hannover)

Spring 2003

April 23
"Democracy, Inequality, and Inflation"
Tarik Yousef, Georgetown (co-authors Raj Desai, Anders Olofsgard, Georgetown)

April 9
"Activists and Radicals in a Multi-Agent Model of Class Norms"
Rob Axtell, CSED, Brookings

April 2
"The Millenium Challenge Account: Challenging the Conventions on Foreign Aid"
Steve Radelet and Michael Clemens, Center for Global Development,

March 26
"Men, Women and Risk Aversion"
Catherine Eckel , Dept. of Economics, Virginia Tech

March 19
Location: McCabe Hall 102
"The Status of Women in the States"
Amy Caiazza, Institute for Women's Policy Research

February 26
Location: Roper Hall 100
"Are Rejected Households Credit-Constrained Or Simply Less Creditworthy?"
Darryl Getter, HUD

Fall 2002

December 11
"Dynamics of Interrelation Between the Level and Distribution of Income: The Case of Time-Reversible Increasing Returns"
Srinivas Raghavendra, Madras School of Economics, Chennai

December 4
"Happiness and Hardship: Opportunity and Insecurity in New Market Economies"
Carol Graham, Vice President and Director, Governance Studies Program, The Brookings Institution, (Book co-authored with Stefano Pettinato, Inter-American Development Bank and Nicole Pagano, Brookings Institution Press)

November 20
"The Paradox of the Absent-Minded Driver: A Preliminary Experiment"
Eliane Catilina, Department.of Economics, American University

November 6
"The Long and Short of It: Global Liberalization, Poverty and Inequality"
Christian Weller, Economic Policy Institute, (Co-authored with Adam Hersh)

October 30
"Fair Wages, Effort Norms and Implicit Bargaining Power in Employment Relationships"
William Ferguson, Department of Economics, Grinnell College

October 23
"An Experimental Study of Congestion and Cost Allocation Mechanisms for Distributed Networks"
Laura Razzolini, Dept. of Economics, University of Mississippi & National Science Foundation, (Co-authored with Yan Chen)

October 16
"Financial Aid Packages And College Enrollment Decisions: An Econometric Case Study"
Cecilia Rouse, Director, Education Research Center, Princeton University, (Co-authored with David M. Linsenmeier and Harvey S. Rosen)

October 2
"The Challenges of Getting a Small Open Economy Going Again: Peru Under Toledo, One Year Later"
Daniel Schydlowsky, Professor of Economics, American University, President, Corporacion Financiera de Desarrollo (COFIDE), Lima, Peru

September 25
"The States vs. the states: On the Welfare Costs of Business Cycles in the US"
Michel Robe, Kogod School of Business, American University, (Co-authored with Stéphane Pallage)

September 18
"International Business Cycles: World, Region, and Country-Specific Factors"
Christopher Otrok, Dept. of Economics, University of Virginia, (Co-authored with M. Ayhan Kose and Charles H. Whiteman)

September 11
"Forecasting the Effects of Pending Minimum Wage Legislation on Poverty in South Africa"
Tom Hertz, Dept. of Economics, American University