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Faculty Research Interests

Albert Cheh

Biochemistry of enzymatic digestion of biomass to produce cellulosic ethanol biofuel.

David Culver

The distribution and biology of the very strange shrimp-like animals that are unique to seeps in parks in the Washington, DC, area, the distribution of hotspots of subterranean biodiversity world-wide, and the fauna of superficial subterranean habitats.

Kiho Kim

Role of diseases in coral population ecology and the synergistic effects of environmental factors in the decline of coral reefs.

Karen Knee

Ecohydrology; nutrient and pollutant fate and transport; submarine groundwater discharge; effects of human land use on water quality, especially in tropical, lightly developed locations.

Stephen MacAvoy

Nutrient sources and transformations in freshwater systems, modeling the relationship between metabolic rate and tissue nutrient turnover.

Jessica Meiller

Ecotoxicology using fish and invertebrate models, environmental science policy, science and regulatory issues regarding endocrine disruption, and development and implementation of experimental environmental education models.