Environmental Science Faculty

Dalia Abbas Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Environmental Science

I was born and raised in the United Kingdom. I am very grateful that I experienced three continents growing up - Africa, Europe and North America. Providing evidence-based investigations to help monit


Michael Alonzo Assistant Professor CAS - Environmental Science

I use satellite and drone imagery (plus other geospatial tools) to study forests and land cover change, mostly in urban or boreal domains. Current or recent projects include: 1) Urban trees and cool


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Valentina Aquila Assistant Professor CAS - Environmental Science

I am an atmospheric scientist focused on the role of aerosols in the climate system. My main focus is stratospheric aerosol, mostly from volcanic eruptions but also from pollution, forest fires, and g


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Barbara Balestra Professorial Lecturer CAS - Environmental Science

My research covers different aspects of paleoceanography and climate change in the past. I utilize the paleoecology and the geochemical and stable isotopic composition of coccolithophores and benthic


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Kristine Beran Adjunct Assistant Professor

I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science at American University. As a marine social scientist, my research focuses on innovation in seafood value chains, global t


Willem H. Brakel Adjunct Professor CAS - Environmental Science

Willem Brakel is an environmental scientist, teacher and career diplomat with broad experience conducting research in marine and freshwater ecosystems, managing government programs, and advocating/neg


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Michael Brody Adjunct Professor CAS - Environmental Science

Michael Brody is an environmental scientist who had a long career in the Federal Government before coming to American University as an Adjunct Professor. He was a Fulbright Teaching Scholar at the Nat


Albert Cheh Prof Emeritus

My research focuses on signatures of exposure to environmental carcinogens. I have also studied the enzymatic digestion of biomass to produce cellulosic ethanol biofuel, error-prone bypass DNA polymer

David Culver Prof Emeritus

David C. Culver did his undergraduate work at Grinnell College and his PhD at Yale University.The author or editor of five books and over 100 articles, he has studied many aspects of the biology of su

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Jessica Gephart Assistant Professor CAS - Environmental Science

Jessica Gephart is an environmental scientist focused on the role of global seafood trade in sustainable and resilient food systems. Her research falls into three main areas: 1) the environmental im


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Alexander Golub Adjunct Professor

Alexander Golub has 25 years of experience in environmental and natural resource economics, including 20 years of experience in energy and climate change with particular focus on climate economics and


Kelvin Gorospe Seafood & Food Security Data Scientist CAS - Dean's Office

Dr. Gorospe has served in a variety of roles integrating genetic, ecological, oceanographic, and human socio-economic datasets for ecosystem-based fisheries management, primarily in coral reef systems


John Harris Research Assistant Professor in Residence

Bert is Executive Director of the Clifton Institute (Warrenton, VA) and has a long-standing interest in the ecology and conservation of forests and grasslands in the eastern United States. He grew up


Eleanor Harris Research Assistant Professor in Residence

Dr. Eleanor Harris (Burch) is Managing Director of the Clifton Institute. Her research on social systems' evolution explores how social groups maintain cohesion, process information, and perform colle


Kiho Kim Professor Academic Affairs, Office of

Kiho Kim (he/him) is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and is the Executive Director of the Center for Teaching, Research, & Learning at American University. His research focuses


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K. L. Knee Associate Professor CAS - Environmental Science

I am an interdisciplinary environmental scientist whose research focuses on how human activities and land use (agriculture, oil and gas extraction, urbanization, etc) affect water quality. I am also i


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Stephen MacAvoy Department Chair, Environmental Science CAS - Environmental Science

Working in biogeochemistry and ecology, Professor MacAvoy has been particularly interested in how both nutrients and contaminants flow through, and are incorporated by, aquatic ecosystem components. R


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Jesse Meiller Hurst Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Environmental Science

Jesse Meiller is an marine ecologist and environmental toxicologist. Jesse received her PhD from the University of Maryland in the Marine, Estuarine, Environmental Sciences (MEES) program after doing


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Sauleh Siddiqui Associate Professor CAS - Environmental Science

Sauleh Siddiqui is an Associate Professor of Environmental Science with an affiliation with the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at American University and a Research Fellow at the German Econom


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Angela van Doorn Research Assistant Professor CAS - Environmental Science

Angela van Doorn is a zoologist who specializes in wildlife conservation. Her research focused on understanding and mitigating human/primate conflict in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa.


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Claire Williams Research Professor in Residence CAS - Environmental Science

A retired full professor in forest biology, Dr. Williams has also worked in the US State Department and at Weyerhaeuser Company R&D. As Senior Fulbright Scholar to the University of British Columbia i


Affiliate Faculty

David Carlini Associate Professor CAS - Biology

My research interests include 1) the evolution and genetics of natural populations, and 2) the molecular evolution of protein-coding genes. With regard to 1), our research involves comparing surface a


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C. Anne Claus Assistant Professor CAS - Anthropology

C. Anne Claus is a cultural anthropologist who researches environmental issues in contemporary seascapes, primarily in Japan. Her academic work investigates how the interplay of international and loca


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Victoria Connaughton Professor CAS - Biology

Connaughton ZenV Lab Website Dr. Connaughton’s research interests encompass the disciplines of developmental biology (nervous system development) and neurobiology. Specifically, she is interested i


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Christopher Tudge Professor CAS - Biology

Dr. Tudge is a reproductive biologist with particular interests in the reproductive biology of invertebrates. His research focuses on the reproductive cells and associated structures, evolutionary mec


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