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Abeer Aloush Professorial Lecturer World Languages and Cultures

PhD in Culture Studies field Society with a minor in Linguistics, SUNY, The University at Albany;

MA in French Studies, SUNY, The University at Albany;

MA in Translation, Cairo University;

Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Humanities with two specializations: Gamification and Digital exhibit, Victoria University - British Columbia; and

Professional Certificate in Istruction through Technology and Teaching Online, University of Pennsylvania

Aloush’s research interest focuses on teaching languages through technology, online teaching and Digital Humanities. She applies new teaching methodologies through technology to teach Arabic. Besides, she specializes in religious minorities, identity struggle, multiculturalism, pluralism, citizenship and marginalization. She wrote a dissertation on the Relationship between Religion and Violence in the French Difficult Suburbs. Within her scope of research, she covers minorities in France, Egypt and North Africa. She is trained on Al-Genizah- Cairo Cheap Manuscripts. Her last research project is an ongoing monograph entitled: " The Nature of Identity: The Outer Context and The Inner Self of Jewish Minority under Nasserism in Contemporary Egypt"; it is accompanied by a digital project under the name of “Neo-Orientalism and Occidentalism in Islamic/Jewish Discourse: An Oriental Dreyfus Affair in Egypt under Nasserism.” In her work, she employs a new analytical model to study topics such as " blurring, split-self, sadness, soreness, discomfort, pain, agony, suffering, distress, misery, breaking, tears, …etc.”; this cluster expresses the distorting self. Through the images and words employed digitally, she is hoping to orient scholars to the true identity struggle of minority in the past. Her most recent project was the creation of an app. to combine Arabic and Hebrew through the ludic theory – learning through fun -, she won an award under the Peace Studies for this cross-language meeting through a common cultural background. She is interested in Judeo-Arabic meta-reading to document minority presence.
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