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Photograph of Arielle Bernstein

Arielle Bernstein Sr Professorial Lecturer Department of Literature

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CAS - Literature
Battelle-Tompkins - 216
MF. in Creative Writing from American University

BA in Philosophy and English Literature from Brandeis University

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The Bridge
Arielle Bernstein is a senior lecturer and co-director of the MA in Literature, Culture, and Technology. She teaches classes in Writing Studies, Complex Problems, and Creative Writing.

She is a writer and cultural critic who focuses on film, TV, art, culture, and how social media and digital communications shape human expression, interaction, intimacy, and empathy. Her writing also explores the impact of artificial intelligence on our emotional lives and how our relationship to physical objects is changing in an increasingly digitized world.

Her work has been published in The Guardian, The Atlantic, The Week, Salon, AV Club, and many other publications. She is writing her first novel.
For the Media
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Spring 2023

  • LIT-403 Creative Writing: Nonfiction

  • WRT-106 College Writing, Intensive

  • WRT-106 College Writing, Intensive

Fall 2023

  • LIT-682 Emotions, Texts, and Subtexts

  • WRT-106 College Writing, Intensive

  • WRT-106 College Writing, Intensive