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Danielle Bryant Adjunct Instructor Literature

<p>M.A., Writing, Johns Hopkins University</p>
B.H., English & Secondary Education, Pennsylvania State University</p>

Rae Bryant is the author of the short story collection, The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals (Patasola Press). Her stories, essays, and poetry have appeared in print and online at The Paris Review, The Missouri Review, McSweeney’s, DIAGRAM, StoryQuarterly, Huffington Post, New World Writing, Gargoyle Magazine, and Redivider, among other publications. Her digital intermedia has exhibited in New York, DC, Baltimore and Florence, Italy. She has won prizes, scholarship and fellowships from Johns Hopkins, American University, Aspen Writers Foundation, VCCA and Whidbey Writers and has been nominated for the Pen/Hemingway, Pen Emerging Writers, The &NOW Award, Lorian Hemingway, and multiple times for the Pushcart award. Rae earned a Masters in Writing from Hopkins where she continues to teach creative writing and new media and is founding editor and designer of Eckleburg. She also teaches and lectures in the International Writing Program at The University of Iowa, The Eckleburg Workshops and American University where she is currently in the MFA program. She is represented by Jennifer Carlson with Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency.


National Book Critics Circle (NBCC), Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP), Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA), VIDA: Women in the Arts, Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP)



The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals: A Collection of Stories. Patasola Press, NY.

Selected Short Fiction, Essays, Poetry & Intermedia

“Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery: A Redacted Story of a Woman’s Body.” DIAGRAM

“An Open Letter to the Pulitzer Board.” The Missouri Review.

“The Trending Infection: An Open Letter to Mark Oppenheimer and The New Republic.” The Missouri Review

“If the National Book Awards 2013 Were a Star Wars Remake.” Huffington Post

“Anorgasmia, Love and Something Wrong with Her: A Discussion with Cris Mazza.” Huffington Post.

“Stochasticism, Ambition and John Cage: A Discussion with Rick Moody.” Huffington Post.

"Cherry Wollstonecraft and Justine Luscious Save the World." Have a NYC: New York Short Stories, Three Rooms Press.

"A Love Letter to Steven Tyler's Lips." Gargoyle Magazine.

"In the Buff: Literary Readings, Pasties and Jiggling Genitalia." The Paris Review.

"The Cutting Down is a Conceit." Redivider.

"Piglets." Matter: The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts.
This is My Rape. Writing on It All.

"To Naomi Wolf and Other Strange Women Who Speak for and/or about My Vagina as If It Were a Political Party." The Nervous Breakdown.

"Leopard. Lion. She-Wolf." Wag's Revue.

"Is It Fun? Not So Much. Is It Necessary? Absolutely." & Disembodied. Wieden+Kennedy's American Dreamers.

"An Open Letter to a Suicidal Friend, a Bulimic Friend, a Long Lost Aunt, and Stephanie, Your New Linked In Connection," McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

“Adrien Brody, Adrien Brody, and Adrien Brody’s Nose: Critical Essay on Pop Culture, Technology and Lacanian Conceit in Literature.” The Nervous Breakdown.

“Mentors Gone Bad.” Portland Book Review.

“Rae Bryant Ponders Nabokov’s Signs & Symbols,”

“My First New York Rooftop Party.” The Quivering Pen.

“The Art of Truncation.” Ampersand Review (Multimedia), 2011.

“Coffined.” Ampersand Review (Multimedia), 2011.

“Capture Escape.” Willows Wept Review (Poetry), Fall 2010.

“Pomegranate Kiss.” The Shine Journal (Poetry), Fall 2009.

"Good Girl," Story Quarterly.

"The Collective Unconscious of Genitalia, Annie Hall, and Coffee Cups," Stymie Magazine: The Feminist Perspective.

Featured Author: [disemBody Words], Short, Fast and Deadly: May 2012 (Pushcart Nomination).

"The Art of Truncation," Ampersand Review.

"Skin" (Excerpted from Marrow, a novel in progress), Amazing Graces, an anthology from Paycock Press.

"Untitled," En(Un)Gender Me, an anthology from PS Books, a division of Philadelphia Stories.

“Pop Modern Genesis,” Gargoyle Magazine.

“Stage Play in Five Acts of Her: Matinee,” Big Muddy (Reprint).

“The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals, Relatives and Gin,” New World Writing.

“[Jeezus] Changed My Oil Today,” Opium Magazine.

“Emperatriz de la Orilla del Río,” PANK.

“Solipsy Street,” Metazen.

“All You Bad Sinners,” decomP.

“Postfeminist Zombie Assassins Wear Wonder Woman Underoos,” The Medulla Review.

“Featherbedding,” >kill author, Issue 8: The Vladimir Nabokov Issue.

“Stage Play in Five Acts of Her: Matinee,” New World Writing.

“Chinchillas in the Air,” Annalemma.

“Collecting Calliope,” Weave Magazine , Issue 4.

“Paddlehead,” Caper Literary Journal.

“Buttercrisp,” Pear Noir!, Issue 4.

“Monk Man and Moonshine,” Menda City Review.

“Stiletto Dance,” Foundling Review.

“Fifty Years in Halves,” Word Riot.

“Fly Fishing in Neoprene Legs,” Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

“Everything’s Better with Pesto,” Staccato.

“Intolerable Impositions,” Bartleby Snopes.

“Street Red,” Writer’s Bloc (Rutgers-Camden).

“I Keep a Vine Woven Basket by the Front Door,” A capella Zoo, Issue 4.

“Sublimity in Turquoise Blue,” Farrago’s Wainscot.

“A Clockpunk Micro,” Thaumatrope.

“The Peregrine and the Mermaid,” Southern Fried Weirdness.

“Taboos and Tropes: Rhetoric and Writing about Rape.” FM

“A History of Bloody Point, St. Christopher’s Island (1626)” Whidbey Writers’ Award, First Place.

Selected Reviews and Critical Essays

“Tenth of December by George Saunders.” Washington Independent Review of Books.

“Daddy Love by Joyce Carol Oates.” New York Journal of Books.

“Prosperous Friends by Christine Schutt. New York Journal of Books.

“What May Have Been by Gary Percesepe and Susan Tepper.” Puerto del Sol.

“Rae Bryant on Elaine Chiew.” Kill Author.

“Going Green.” Literary Traveler. Summer Issue.

“Psychological Methods to Sell Should Be Destroyed.” The Fix.

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