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Blenda Femenias Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Department of Anthropology

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Ph.D., 1997, M.A., 1989, Cultural Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Languages Spoken
Bilingual in Spanish; reading knowledge of Quechua
Blenda Femenías, a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology, is a specialist in gender, race, ethnicity, and the arts in Latin America. She has conducted research in the Andes for more than two decades. In addition to anthropology, she has taught courses in art, gender, Women’s Studies, and Latin American Studies at Brown University, Tufts University, and the University of Pittsburgh. 

A former Fulbright scholar, she lived in Peru for several years. Femenías is currently investigating the transregional configuration of Andean identity in Argentina. She is also completing a book manuscript about early twentieth-century nationalism and cultural institutions, analyzing the influence of indigenismo on art and anthropology museums in Peru. Her book, Gender and the Boundaries of Dress in Contemporary Peru, explores relationships among identity, artistry, and economy by focusing on distinctive clothes that people of Quechua heritage make and wear. She is also the author-editor of Andean Aesthetics: Textiles of Peru and Bolivia, based on the exhibition she presented while a curator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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