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Photograph of Jun Lu

Jun Lu Assoc Professor Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Additional Positions at AU
MS Director, Statistics
PhD, Missouri

Jun Lu got his Bachelor's degree in statistics from East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, his hometown. he then went to University of Missouri-Columbia, from where he received his Ph.D. in 2004. Since then, he has been a faculty member at American University. Jun has taught varies statistics courses since he was in graduate school. These courses cover a wide variety of topics at different levels; ranging from the basic statistics courses, to the applied statistical methods courses (Linear regression, Design of experiments, Time series, Data analysis) and the advanced theoretical courses (Generalized linear model, Stochastic processes). All courses involve the use of statistical software such as StatCrunch, SPSS, SAS, Splus and R.
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Spring 2023

  • STAT-616 Generalized Linear Models

  • STAT-631 Mathematical Statistics II

Summer 2023

  • STAT-415 Regression

  • STAT-427 Statistical Machine Learning

Fall 2023

  • STAT-415 Regression

  • STAT-415 Regression

  • STAT-630 Mathematical Statistics I

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Research Interests


Jun's research interests include Bayesian methods and applications, interdisciplinary statistical application, consulting and statistical education. He enjoy collaborating with fellow statisticians and researchers in applied fields. One of his long term projects is to develop Bayesian hierarchical models for cognitive psychology studies, such as the multiple components of human memory. His recent application projects include topics on tree mortality, human rights violation, information-seeking behavior, and teaching SAS.