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Richard Schwartz Research Assistant Professor Physics

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CAS - Physics
Don Myers Building
Dr. Schwartz has been working in solar physics since 1975. He has participated as PI or Co-I on activities involving SMM HXRBS and GRS, BATSE, RHESSI, AIA, and Fermi GBM. He has been deeply involved in the development of data analysis software for these instruments with a concentration on deconvolution methodologies. He led the effort to develop a methodology to reconstruct saturated AIA flare kernels from their diffraction fringes. He has dramatically improved Monte Carlo gamma ray line production code by essentially simultaneously simulating the outcomes of thousands of interactions vs single particle outcomes. His main skill is the ability to combine scientific understanding with efficient computational techniques. He has expertise in IDL and is a principle author in more than three code branches in Solar Soft. Currently, he is a co-investigator on the RHESSI team.
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