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Whiting Wicker Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Mathematics & Statistics

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CAS - Math and Statistics
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, AU; M.Phil. (A.B.D.), Mathematics, GWU

Helped thousands succeed at AU, GWU, Montgomery College, Valencia College, OPM. Foci: cultural sensitivity, General Topology, performance measurement, risk analysis, simulation. Advised Admirals, Generals, Executives.
For the Media
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Spring 2020

  • MATH-160 Applied Precalculus

  • STAT-160 Statistical Reasoning

  • STAT-160 Statistical Reasoning

Summer 2020

  • MATH-151 Finite Mathematics

  • STAT-204 Intro to Business Statistics

Fall 2020

  • STAT-202 Basic Statistics

  • STAT-202 Basic Statistics