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Xiaoli Zhang

Instructor World Languages and Cultures

CAS - World Languages and Cultures
McCabe - 208
M, Th: 7:50am - 8:50am, 10:20am - 11:20am
Contact Info
(202) 885-2293

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World Languages & Cultures


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Area of Expertise:

Chinese language, literature and culture of late Imperial China

Additional Information:

Raphael Zhang's primary research field is literature and culture of late imperial China, in particular literati and family literature/culture of the late Ming and the Ming-Qing transition periods, roughly the 17th century. By focusing on the more "marginalized" individuals and groups of the social elite and their ways of self-(re)presentation and identity (re)construction, Zhang's research aims to illuminate the intricate relationships between the political and the cultural fields in pre-modern China. His research interests also include Chinese cinema and popular culture as well as translation and adaptation studies. He has published articles and book chapters on Chinese literati culture/literature, contemporary Chinese cinema and its reception.

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