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  • While reading old American cookbooks, Katharina Vester found political commentary and insights into gender roles.

    That Dinner Dish is Deep

    AU history professor pens a new book on food and American identities.
    November 11, 2015

  • American University School of Communication assistant professor Maggie Stogner (bottom) shooting in the field.

    Stogner Puts a New Lens on the Past

    Maggie Burnette Stogner to speak at the Faculty Research and Projects Forum on December 1, 2015.
    November 10, 2015

  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island still conjure up images of the nation's immigrant history.

    A Nation of Nations

    AU professors explain why immigration became a political football.
    October 14, 2015

  • A photo of the mushroom cloud resulting from the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

    The Mushroom Cloud

    For the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima, CAS professor examines and criticizes the decision to use the bomb.
    August 4, 2015

  • Zosa Szajkowski

    Who Claims The Past?

    New Book Raises Questions about Stolen French-Jewish Archives
    June 29, 2015

  • NGA

    Renaissance and Revolutions

    Students in the Renaissance and Revolutions course completed assignments at the National Gallery of Art.
    June 15, 2015