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History | Public History Program

Public History Program

American University's Public History program prepares students to practice history, collaborating with communities and cultural institutions to document and interpret both local and national histories.

A degree in public history opens doors to a number of professional fields including museums, cultural tourism and community history, historic preservation, cultural resource management, libraries and archives, and new media. Learn more about what makes our public history program unique.

Here at AU we offer scholarly and hands on courses to not only give students real world experience, but also deeper historical understanding, and teach them how to be better historians. While in the program, students find community with each other and have great mentors in the faculty. As a part of Washington D.C. students have access to everything the city has to offer, especially the program's various partners where they have the opportunity to visit, work alongside, or intern at.

To confer with faculty in AU's Public History Program, please contact the Public History Office,

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