Graduate Student Awards

History student award ceremony

Richard and Carol Breitman Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduate student who is pursuing a PhD, preferably in European history. Made possible through the generosity of Margaret Anthon in honor of Professor Emeritus Richard Breitman.

  • 2019: Ivan Grek
  • 2018: Ivan Grek
  • 2017: Lindsay MacNeill
  • 2016: Amy Langford
  • 2015: Jordan Grant
  • 2014: Susan Perlman
  • 2013: Erika Munkwitz
  • 2012: Borislav Chernev
  • 2011: Erika Munkwitz
  • 2010: Lorna Loring
  • 2009: Alexandra Lobse
  • 2008: Erika Munkwitz

Roger Brown Dissertation Completion Fellowship

This fellowship supports a graduate student who has completed or is in the final stages of completing their dissertation, and preparing for an academic career. Made possible through the continuing generosity of AU History Professor Emeritus Roger Brown. 

  • 2019: Amy Langford
  • 2018: Laura Duval
  • 2017: Marga Andersen, Amy Langford
  • 2016: Lindsay MacNeill
  • 2015: Nguyet Nguyen
  • 2014: Nguyet Nguyen
  • 2013: Aaron Bell
  • 2012: Holly V. Scott

Patrick Clendenen Dissertation Fellowship

This fellowship is given to a graduate student to support the costs associated with completing their dissertation. Established by Mary Graydon in memory of Patrick Clendenen. 

  • 2019: Ruth Gabor, Katherine Kitterman
  • 2018: Donelle Boose
  • 2017: Lauren Duval
  • 2016: Nguyet Nguyen
  • 2015: Johanna Neuman
  • 2014: Loren Miller
  • 2013: Rebecca DeWolf
  • 2012: Leah Shore, Erica Munkwitz
  • 2011: Erin Malloy, Loren Miller

Valerie French History Education Fund

This student support is provided to a graduate or undergraduate student to attend a conference or conduct research for a project. Established in honor of the late AU History Professor, Valerie French.

  • 2019: Julie Hawks
  • 2018: Nathan Moore
  • 2017: Emily Blaydes
  • 2016: Aaron Besser
  • 2015: Julie Morrocco, "Gods Pillory: Public Shaming Punishment in Puritan Massachusetts"
  • 2014: Nicholas Felt, "Transition of Patriarchy and Changing Female Sexual Identities during the Cultural Revolution"

Dorothy and Victor Gondos, Jr. Graduate Research Support

This funding recognizes excellence in historical research and provides support to conduct research. Made possible through the generosity of AU History Professors Dorothy and Victor Gondos, Jr.

  • 2019: Jonah Estess
  • 2018: Laura Auketayeva Gibson, Rebecca Brenner, Ruth Gabor, Julie Hawks
  • 2017: Paul Behringer, Ruth Gabor, Julie Hawks, Scott Vehstedt
  • 2016: Anna Kaplan, Katherine Kitterman, Nguyet Nguyen
  • 2015: Lauren Duval, Katherine Kitterman, Amy Langford
  • 2014: Jordan Grant
  • 2013: Nicholas Ercole, Jordan Grant, Louie Milojevic, Nguyet Nguyen
  • 2012: Borislav Chernev
  • 2011: Christopher Crawford, Adam Fenner, Terumi Rafferty-Osaki
  • 2010: Lorna Loring
  • 2009: Alexandra Lobse
  • 2008: Matt Pembleton, Allen Mikaelian

Robert Griffith Education Fund for Public History

The funding supports student travel to the National Council on Public History’s annual conference. Established in memory of AU History Professor Robert Griffith by Barbara Griffith and family.

  • 2019: Hannah Byrne
  • 2018: Ama Ansah
  • 2017: Joan Cummins, Samantha Hunter
  • 2016: Chelsea Hansen, Sydney Johnson
  • 2015: Maria Eipert
  • 2014: Ariel Mond, Mattea Sanders
  • 2013: Claire Dapkiewiez

History Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

This award recognizes excellence in graduate student teaching and contributions to the academic mission of the department.

  • 2019: Alexandra Zaremba
  • 2018: Rebecca Brenner
  • 2017: Paul Behringer
  • 2016: Paul Behringer
  • 2015: Donelle Boose, Amy Langford
  • 2014: Lauren Duval, Anna Kaplan
  • 2013: Shannon Mohan

History Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship

This scholarship provides support to a graduate student for costs associated with completing their dissertation.

  • 2019: Maurizio Recordati
  • 2018: Katherine Kitterman, Nguyet Nguyen

Janet Oppenheim Teaching Fellowship

This Fellowship provides the opportunity to a recent American University History PhD recipient to teach a course under the supervision and with the mentorship of an AU faculty member. Established in memory of AU History Professor Janet Oppenheim.

2019: Nguyet Nguyen

Janet Oppenheim Dissertation Prize

This prize is awarded annually to honor excellent work produced by a student in the department. Established in memory of AU History Professor Janet Oppenheim.

2019: Anna Kaplan, Nguyet Nguyen