Senior Theatre Capstone

, Katzen Studio Theatre

Updated 4/22/13

Senior Theatre Capstone
Thursday, April 25–Saturday April 27, 8 p.m.
Saturday, April 27, 2 p.m.
Studio Theatre, Katzen Arts Center
Tickets: $15 regular admission, $10 AU community and seniors
Purchase tickets online at or call 202-885-ARTS

And They All...
Six Grim(m) Transformations

This project is the product of the Senior Capstone course which culminizes and synthesizes a program of study by our theatre and musical theatre majors. Six new ten-minute plays and seven new songs are written, performed, designed, and directed by the graduating theatre and musical theatre majors in the Department of Performing Arts at American University. Each piece is inspired by, adapted from, or a transformation of at least two outside source materials.

Six New Plays: Tag, Pink, Mirror Girls, Freddy and Cathy, Let’s Play Pretend, and Our Darker Purpose.

Seven New Songs: “Wicked Not Wise,” “The Princes’ Lament,” “Are You a Prince," “Blame Mama,” “Witchy Blues,” “Happy After All," and “One Good Turn.”
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