"Israel's Second Founding: The Six-Day War 50 Years Later"

, Butler Board Room

Updated 4/3/17

Six days in June 1967 changed the very essence of the Jewish state. Israel emerged with a territory three times as big as before the war. It controlled the holy Jewish sites in Jerusalem and Hebron, but also a substantial Palestinian population. While it was a military and religious triumph for some, others claimed that Israel lost the war on the seventh day, when it decided not to return from a significant part of the newly conquered territories. A panel of experts will discuss the long term implications of the war for Israel.

CIS director Michael Brenner moderates the discussion with Alon Confino (University of Virginia/Ben-Gurion University), Arie Dubnov (George Washington University), Yoav Gelber (American University/IDC Herzliya), Benny Morris (Ben Gurion University/Georgetown University), Yoram Peri (University of Maryland) and Tamara Wittes (Brookings Institution).

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