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Greener, Cleaner, Better: Israeli Innovation in Greentech

Keynote: Michael Granoff, "Free from Oil: Breaking the Monopoly in 2012" 

Greener, Cleaner, Better: Israeli Innovation in Greentech Symposium from American University.

Michael Granoff is Head of Oil Independence Policies, Better Place, and winner of the 2010 Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship from Brandeis University, among other honors.

Greener, Cleaner, Better Conference Overview

From solar-powered water heaters to plug-in electric cars, Israel is making a big impact as an innovator in green technology and a bold mover towards a more sustainable society. The Greener, Cleaner, Better symposium on February 7, 2012, featured Israeli environmental innovators, investors, officials and analysts describing ground-breaking solutions Israel has developed in response to its environmental challenges — a small arid land with no oil, no coal, and very limited water.

Greener, Cleaner, Better: Israeli Innovation in Greentech

The symposium, organized by American University, American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and the Embassy of Israel, was scheduled to coincide with the Jewish holiday of Tu B’shevat (the New Year for Trees) which has become Israel’s Earth Day. It is our hope that attendees have taken away a greater understanding and interest in Israel’s unique approaches to innovation and a renewed commitment to our collective stewardship of the earth.


Business Advisory Committee

Israel Cleantech Ventures:
Glen Schwaber & Ariella Grinberg

Nixon Peabody LLC:
Sam Feigin & Mark Kass

Maryland/Israel Development Center:
Barry Bogage

U.S. Israel Science & Technology Foundation:
Ann Liebshutz & Eve Copeland

Virginia Israel Advisory Board (Office of the Governor):
Ralph Robbins

Israel Greentech Company Research Team

Professor Richard Linowes
Elana Friedman
Noah Núñez-Gross
John Lacy
Kayla Ma
Michael Milner
Jared Oppenheim
Liran (Lee) Shriki
Chen Vaisburd
Carley Wigod