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Featured Videos

2021 Amos Perlmutter Memorial Lecture by Ehud Barak


This year's Amos Perlmutter Memorial Lecture, co-sponsored by American University's School of Public Affairs and the Center for Israel Studies was delivered by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak on March 15, 2021. Mr. Barak spoke about the strategic challenges posed by Israel’s neighbors, the Iranian nuclear threat and the electoral stalemate in Israeli politics as well as the opportunities provided by Israel’s economic dynamism and the new peace accords with several Arab states.

The Changing Relationship Between Diaspora Jews and Israel


On October 12, 2020, AU's Center for Israel Studies and Jewish Studies Program brought together three of the most important Jewish voices, Isaac Herzog, David Harris, and Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur, to discuss the status of Israel-Diaspora relations today.

Visiting Speakers

How Long Will the Next Israeli Government Last


Israeli journalists David Horovitz (Times of Israel), Noa Landau (Haaretz) and Yaakov Katz (The Jerusalem Post) unpack Israel's March 2021 elections and discuss the future of Israeli political changes. Moderated by Professor Guy Ziv.

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Conferences & Seminars

Jewish Responses to Antisemitism from Rabbinic Times


The 2020-21 series, “Antisemitism Since the Holocaust: Israel, America, and Europe,” brings together distinguished scholars of Israeli, American, and European history to reflect broadly on antisemitism over the past seventy-five years. Inspired by our current moment, this series of conversations, sponsored by American University’s Center for Israel Studies and the Jewish Studies Program, brings needed perspective and context to recent events. View all webinars in this series.

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Music & Culture

Music & Culture

Attendees gave Shesh Besh a standing ovation at their performance on 3/28. Shesh Besh is the Arab-Jewish Ensemble of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, bringing together Jewish musicians of the first ranks of the orchestra with the finest Arab musicians in Israel.

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