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Jewish Studies | Minor in Israel Studies

Minor in Israel Studies

AU's undergraduate minor in Israel Studies is one of the premier programs of its kind in the United States. Its focus is on Israel's history, unique political democracy, multicultural society, economic development, immigrant absorption, and international contributions in the arts, business, technology, sciences, and letters. Courses are offered in numerous areas including sociology, Jewish studies, history, and the School of International Service. Another feature of the minor is its seamless connection with study abroad in Israel. AU students are encouraged to study in Israel and receive credits toward the Israel Studies minor. The Center for Israel Studies complements the minor by hosting conferences and events to further educate individuals about Israel and Israel's contributions to the world.

Students take three core courses focused on the history and civilization of Israel and the relationships between Israel and the Arab world. They then take 9 additional credit hours in approved elective course work. 

Admission to the Program

Formal admission to the minor requires a grade point average of 2.00 and approval of the program director. 


  • 18 credit hours with grades of C or better with at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor and at least 9 credit hours at the 300 level or above 

Course Requirements

Core (9 credit hours)

  • HIST-245 Modern Jewish Civilization (3) 
  • HIST-443 History of Israel (3) 
  • SISU-319 Arab-Israeli Relations (3) 

Electives (9 credit hours)

  • 9 credit hours from the following with approval of the program director: 
  • HIST-344 Topics in Jewish History  (3) (approved topics) 
  • JWST-320 Topics in Jewish Culture (3) (approved topics) 
  • JWST-390 Independent Reading (1-6) 
  • JWST-490 Independent Study (1-6) 
  • JWST-491 Internship (1-6) 
  • SIS-400 Senior Seminar in International Relations (3): Israeli Identity 
  • SOCY-340 Israeli Society (3)

Study abroad in Israel is highly recommended and with approval of the program director courses taken abroad may fulfill minor requirements.