The Trawick Prize

, Katzen Museum 1st Floor Exhibition

Updated 10/17/17

The Alper Initiative for Washington Art celebrates an award that has become synonymous with Washington area artistic talent: The Trawick Prize for Contemporary Arts. One of the first regional competitions with the largest award that annually recognizes visual artists, The Trawick Prize was established by Carol Trawick, a longtime community activist in Montgomery County. The Trawick Prize exhibition features new works by the “Best in Show” recipients of award over the last 15 years: Lauren Adams, Richard Cleaver, Larry Cook, Neil Feather, Mia Feuer, Lillian Bayley Hoover, Gary Kachadourian, Maggie Michael, Jonathan Monaghan, Jiha Moon, David Page, James Rieck, Jo Smail and Rene Trevino.

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American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center
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