Selections from the Artery Collection

, Katzen Museum 1st & 2nd Floors Exhibition

Updated 8/20/18

The Artery Organization Collection was conceived as a corporate collection in the early 1980s to support Washington-area artists and enhance the real estate offices of the company. CEO Henry H. Goldberg and his wife, artist Carol Brown Goldberg, worked with curators and galleries to ensure the broadest possible outreach and diversification of artistic styles. The energy reflected in the variety of art chosen over two-plus decades captures the spirit and inspiration of The Washington Color School and reflects the cooperation of artists, dealers, and collectors. The Collection is the largest private assemblage of Washington-area artists.

Works in the collection were curated by Annie Gawlak, Linda Lichtenberg Kaplan, Vivienne M. Lassman, James Mahoney, and Andrea Pollan.

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American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center
Kristi-Anne Shaer


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