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MFA Literary Dessert Party 2011

Each year the MFA and MA programs in Creative Writing and Literature hold a literary dessert party. This year, MFA faculty member Rachel Louise Snyder hosted and the puns were plentiful and pithy! Along with all things dessert, we asked MFA partygoers to answer a few questions, all things literary.

What’s your favorite literary landmark or location in DC and why?

“Folger Shakespeare Library. It’s a beautiful building next to the Capitol building, they have a version of the Globe Theatre and put on great plays.”

-- Toni McIntyre, MFA ’12 Nonfiction

What is the first book you ever loved and why?

Harold and the Purple Crayon

“He could create worlds out of limited resources.”

-- Diana Metzger, MFA ’12 Fiction

What is one sentence you wish you had written and why?

“He wasn’t the most articulate boy I ever met. Only the one whose pain seemed to me most beautiful.”

Adam Haslett, “The Beginnings of Grief”

-- Tyler Christensen, MFA ’14 Fiction

If you had to choose another time period to live in, which would it be?

“The roaring twenties—when you could get off-your-face drunk in a white tuxedo and still be a social hero.”

-- L.G. Fitzgerald, MFA ’13 Fiction

What’s your number one question about life after the MFA?

“There is no life after the MFA. It’s just a myth.”

-- Arturo Ruiz, MFA ’13 Poetry



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