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College Writing Program | Overview


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Battelle Tompkins, Room 237

Rangel-Mullin, Rebecca
Sr. Administrative Assistant

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8047
American University Students

Welcome to the online version of American University's College Writing Program. The real program exists in the hundreds of hours our faculty and students spend reading, thinking, researching, writing, and responding to each other's writing. The real program exists in a student's discovery of an interesting question worth researching and writing about; in a faculty member's rich creation of a curriculum that spans disciplines; in the hearts and minds of all who discover, through writing and teaching of writing, the vast powers of individual creation.

Here you will get information about our curriculum, which emphasizes researched persuasive writing; information about our faculty and their courses (all theme-based and individually designed); information about our Writer as Witness Colloquium; and information about other on-line resources for writers. Browse, learn, enjoy. Whether you're a student, a colleague, or a curious parent, we welcome you to our program.

John Hyman
Director, College Writing Program

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Featuring Jessica Alexander's Chasing Chaos: A Decade in and Out of Humanitarian Aid on September 9 — and the annual Student Essay Competition.

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Atrium: Student Writing

Atrium: Student Writing Atrium: Student Writing

Collection celebrates student writing and provide models for future students: subjects range from explorations of culture to accounts of overcoming personal obstacles to scholarly articles. Celebrate with us.

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