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Literature | Faculty Research Interests


Fax: 202-885-2938
Battelle Tompkins, Room 237

Burgtorf, Michael R
Sr. Administrative Assistant

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8047

Janet Auten

Rhetoric, dialogic approaches to teacher response and the effect of electronic environments on teachers’ and students’ writing

Cynthia Bair Van Dam

Political rhetoric, children’s literature, and composition theory

Amanda Berry

Early Modern literature and culture, Milton, relationship between literary texts, history, and other cultural phenomena

Fiona Brideoake

British literature and culture of the long eighteenth century, Bluestocking feminism, queer historiography, Jane Austen, sociability and material culture, and eighteenth-century Shakespearean editing

Edward Comstock

Applications of the philosophy of Michel Foucault to education

Charles Cox

Composition, drama, and the cultural roles of popular genre

Kyle Dargan


Erik Dussere

Postmodern fiction

Lydia Fettig

Modern and post-modern literature, issues involving social and economic disparities, deviance, and the American criminal justice system

Caimeen Garrett

Epistolary fiction, Newgate/sensation novels, the governess novel, and contemporary fiction

John Hyman

Teaching of writing, popular culture, Beat Generation writers

Patrick Joyner

Psychology of deceit in politics, sports, academia, and the entertainment industry

Despina Kakoudaki

Cultural studies, science fiction, apocalyptic narratives, and the representation of race and gender in literature and film

Keith Leonard

African American poetry and poetics, African Americans artists in Paris, jazz in African American culture, and the conception of love, sexuality, and family as political ideals by black writers

Jonathan Loesberg

Victorian literature, the novel, literary theory, and the connections between literature and philosophy


Richard McCann

Creative writing (fiction and memoir), artist colonies, art funding, organ (liver) transplantation, ethical issues and patient perspective, homosexuality and literature, AIDS and literature


Jeffrey Middents

Latin American cinema, transnational cinema, short films, Auteur and star studies, metafiction/metafilm, 20th century Latin American fiction

Glenn Moomau

Politics and aesthetics of prose narrative, service learning theory, and charter school pedagogy

Marianne Noble

American literature, culture studies, and gender studies, with a particular emphasis on the construction of sexuality in nineteenth-century American women’s literature

Kristina Oakes

Creation of the self in writing and the exploration of how writing unlocks the inner psyche


Deborah Payne

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century theatre, theatre history, performance theory, Shakespeare in performance, dramaturgy

David Pike

Urban culture, European and Canadian cinema, film noir, modernism, Dante, Roman literature, and the novel

Tom Ratekin

British, American, and world literature, postmodernism, literary theory, psychoanalysis, genre studies and the memoir

Patricia Reichler

The tradition and language of nonviolent resistance movements

Roberta Rubenstein

Modernist fiction, literature by Modernist and contemporary women writers, and feminist literary theory

Richard Sha

British romanticism; emotion and affect theory; theories of matter and materiality; history of science; the imagination; science and literature

Anita Sherman

Renaissance literature, Shakespeare

Linda Voris

Twentieth-century American and British literature, the intellectual history of modernism and its relation to the visual arts, contemporary lyrical and experimental poetry

Katherine Wilson

Medieval literature, 15th century British drama, classical rhetoric, composition theory, and the “literature of food”

Lacey Wootton-Don

Students’ movement into academic discourse conventions, research literacy, and faculty mentoring