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Merit Awards

The Literature Department offers fellowships that include partial tuition remission and a (non-taxable) stipend for each of two years of full-time study. The competition for these merit awards is keen.

  • Factors that contribute to selection for merit awards are an outstanding undergraduate academic record, strong GRE scores - usually above 600 in the Verbal section - and other supporting evidence in the student's application. (Please note that MFA applicants are not required to submit GRE scores for merit award consideration.) In order to be considered for a merit award, students must submit their completed application by February 1.
  • Students who receive merit awards work from ten to fifteen hours a week as writing consultants at AU's Writing Center and/or as teaching assistants to professors who are teaching General Education courses or undergraduate literature survey courses. 

    For more information about working at the Writing Center, click here.

  • Budget permitting, we also offer a few work-study assistantships for up to ten hours a week for students to serve as either teaching assistants or writing consultants. These optional hours of work provide not only further financial assistance but also valuable hands-on experience to students interested in teaching.


Need-Based Financial Aid



  • Students are encouraged to contact the university’s Human Resources Office (202-885-2591) for information about part-time and full-time employment opportunities on-campus.  The university provides eligible faculty and staff members with educational benefits including tuition remission for graduate courses taken at American University. Note: You must have completed four months of active full-time employment before the last day of late registration for any given semester in order to qualify for tuition remission benefits for that semester. The maximum benefit available is eight credits per semester. In addition, your total credits for courses taken under the program may not exceed 20 credits per academic year. For more information, please contact the university’s Human Resources Office. 

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