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Biostatistics Faculty


Kristina Crona Associate Professor CAS - Math and Statistics

Dr. Crona's research area is mathematical evolutionary biology, with focus on adaptation. An important application is antimicrobial drug resistance, where the goal is to predict, prevent and manage dr

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Mary Gray Distinguished Professor CAS - Math and Statistics

A statistician and lawyer, Professor Gray’s areas of research include applications of statistics to human rights, economic equity, legal issues, and education. She is the founder of the Association fo

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Alexandra Kapatou Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Math and Statistics

Alexandra (Aleka) Kapatou grew up in the sunny, Mediterranean country of Greece. Her studies in Greece included mathematics, architectural drawing, freehand drawing, and geology. After arriving in the

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Jun Lu Associate Professor CAS - Math and Statistics

Jun Lu got his Bachelor's degree in statistics from East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, his hometown. he then went to University of Missouri-Columbia, from where he received his Ph.D. in

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Elizabeth Malloy Associate Professor CAS - Math and Statistics

I am an applied statistician with a primary focus in biostatistics. My main interest is in applications to occupational and environmental health settings, although I have had the privilege of working

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John Nolan Professor CAS - Math and Statistics

Prof. Nolan has taught at the University of Zambia (in Africa), and Kenyon College (in Ohio), and worked in a software company before coming to American University. His main research interests are in

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