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American University's Master of Arts in Mathematics program is an excellent way to further your mathematical education, prepare for further graduate study, and gain expertise to advance your career. In addition to the general mathematics track, our program also offers an information science and security track, which combines courses in applied mathematics, data science, and information technology for a unique education experience. You can design a plan of study that matches your personal and professional interests and choose courses that enhance your knowledge and your appeal to potential employers.

With the program's small class sizes, our students receive personal attention throughout the course of study: in coursework, research, intellectual development, and career development. Faculty members have expertise in a variety of areas, giving you a broad range of research options.

With AU's Washington, DC, location, you will benefit from the university's research relationships with governmental, cultural, scientific, and historical institutions; the department's professional development partnerships with local contractors and consulting firms; and the capital area's robust job market for quantitative positions.

Numerous Choices for Your Career

The 30-credit Master of Arts in Mathematics program will take your knowledge of theoretical and applied mathematics to the next level. In addition to coursework and research in the mathematics department, the program offers our students the flexibility to engage in internships and coursework in applied fields with other departments. With two tracks and a diverse array of courses, our students create a customized course of study to pursue their interests, enhance their knowledge, and appeal to potential employees.

The general mathematics track offers a rigorous mathematics curriculum aimed at strengthening your quantitative reasoning and understanding of upper level mathematics. Starting with courses in analysis and modern algebra, the track lets you choose electives such as number theory, topology, and the history of mathematics. The track has thesis and research project options, giving you the option to work closely with one of our professors in theoretical areas, such as harmonic analysis or representation theory, or in applications of the theories, like signal and image processing or cybersecurity. Students must be proficient in a language that can be used in research, such as Russian, German, French, or a computer language.

The information and security track will prepare you for a career in government or industry by combining courses in applied mathematics, data science, and information technology to provide a unique education that couples theoretical understanding with practical experience. You will learn the theory behind data problems as well as solutions strategies, computer algorithms, and the cutting-edge research where these methods can be applied. Graduates of this program will be well versed in quantitative social science with the mathematical theoretical understanding to facilitate technical growth in their future careers.

Accessible to both full-time and part-time students, the MA in Mathematics is an excellent choice for career switchers and working professionals.

Make a Difference in Your Career and the World

Consistently ranked as one of the best cities for job seekers, Washington, DC, is the ideal city for graduates with quantitative skills. With job opportunities in the federal government and the private sector, a master's degree in mathematics will open doors for you in the DC area. AU's relationships with governmental, cultural, scientific, and historical institutions serve as an important resource for research. In the information science and security track, you can receive credit for an internship, where you will gain real-world experience in the field, learn first-hand about employment as a mathematician, and get a head start on your career.

Diverse Faculty Dedicated to Your Success

The MA in Mathematics program prides itself on dedicated, individual attention to each student throughout the program. Our experienced faculty members have diverse mathematical backgrounds and are ideally equipped to help cultivate your mathematical interests. From Professors Adler and Lansky's work in representation theory to Professor Chifman's application of dynamical systems to molecular biology, our professors' wide range of interests offers students many research options. Whether your mathematical passion is purely theoretical or highly applied, there is an AU professor willing and able to work with you.

We Know Success

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Student Spotlight

Grad school helped me understand the math behind the models.

Jen Dumiak (BS 2015, MA 2016) works in strategy and operations at Deloitte Consulting. Over the past year, she has worked on a variety of tasks, including data visualization in Tableau, constructing interactive dashboards, creating an activity-based costing model, and optimizing workforce allocation.