Hyperbolic Triangles

Science ·

The Analysis and Geometry of Information

Stephen Casey, chair and professor of mathematics in the American University Department of Mathematics and Statistics is looking at the fundamental structures of information and how it is gathered, stored, and communicated.
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A chalkboard filled with equations and writing.

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A Building Made for Collaboration

The Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building serves as an environment that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between students and faculty. With the new building finished, the faculty celebrated with a welcome party.
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Graph of pathways.

Science ·

Oncogenic Pathways and Iron Phenotypes in Breast Cancer

Julia Chifman’s research aims to understand the cause of iron dysregulation in breast cancer through the study of certain cellular signaling pathways that affect iron homeostasis.
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Cyber Security Lock and Web

Technology ·

Master's in Mathematics of Information and Security Leads to In-Demand Careers

If you want to become a leader in today’s growing field of information security and cybersecurity, look no further than American University’s new master’s degree in Mathematics of Information and Security.
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Liliana Zigo seated on campus in front of building.

Achievements ·

Inspiring Grad Stories: Lili Zigo

Faith and family fueled this AU grad’s improbable journey.
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Gates Scholars with Fanta Aw

Student Life ·

Gates Scholars Raise the Bar

Gates Millennium Scholarship recipients share their experiences with the program and their time at AU.
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Student in SIS building, in front of hallway and doors.

Achievements ·

First Generation, Next Generation: Yami Payano Organizes and Connects

The AUSG president is a winner of AU’s inaugural MLK Service Award.
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Data scientist standing in front of screen with data.

Mathematics ·

The Data Sciences: Five Things You Need to Know

People with the right skills and training, who can interpret complex data, are highly sought after and compensated in all sectors of the job market. Here are five things you should know about the Data Sciences.
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Bacteria colony in a petri dish

Research ·

Using Rank Order to Identify Complex Genetic Interactions

An American University assistant professor who researches in the area of mathematical biology and her colleagues show how ranking pathogen mutants can help scientists understand how mutants evolve to resist drug treatments.
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Math professor Jaime Miller with two students in front of a white board with math problems.

In the Community ·

Growing Minds: Local Kids Embrace Math Challenges at AU

AU math professors run a DC Math Circle for 5th-8th grade students.
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  • AU holds math circles for elementary and middle schoolers where kids get together to discuss challenging problems of the sort that they are unlikely to encounter in school.

  • Michael Robinson received $16,700 (total estimated award amount for Phase I, $150,000) from the Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for his project "DARPA AIDA, Topological Hypothesis Management in a Hypergraph Knowledgebase."

  • 36th Quality and Productivity Research Conference on June 11-13, 2019, and the one-day short course “Big Data Analytics: Dealing with Structured, Semi-structured, and Unstructured Data”