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The Fellows Converge: The Obstructions January 26 through March 17, 2013

Isham, Satire Lounge

Annette Isham
Satire Lounge Still #1
Digital print
Courtesy of the artist

Mann, Combustion of Mt Foliage

Matthew Mann
Combustion of Mt. Foliage
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of the artist

Exhibition Overview

This exhibition is a collaboration with the Hamiltonian Gallery along with Hamiltonian Artists, a non-profit career incubator for the next generation of contemporary visual artists. It features new work by the 2012 Hamiltonian Fellows: Amy Boone-McCreesh, Milana Braslavsky, Billy Friebele, Nora Howell, Annette Isham, Matthew Mann, Joshua Wade Smith, Timothy Thompson, and Jerry Truong. The theme of the exhibition is based on the Jorgen Leth / Lars Von Trier documentary, The Five Obstructions. The Fellows made obstructions for each other's work based on a summer 2012 studio visit and discussion. The obstructions operate as useful critiques of existing work as well as a challenge to future work. This playful yet meaningful exercise offered each artist the opportunity to step outside of self-imposed rules, habits, or routines. AU studio art professor and co-director of AU's MFA program Tim Doud served as the mentor for the group.